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Thursday, March 26, 2009

sugar shack

today we went with my sister erika and her 6 kids, and my friend melissa and her 4 kids to a sugar shack in warner - sticksville, nh :)
it was a little cloudy, but still a pretty warm day, and the kids had a really great time! they learned a lot, and the lady that owns it was so sweet and let the kids move the sap buckets, and then let them try some sap and syrup. all the kids seemed to have a really good time, and it made for a fun field trip!! we went to mcdonalds after for ice cream in concord making for a great ending!

Friday, March 20, 2009

see-science center

i decided to get a family membership to the see-science center in manchester, which also gives me access to over 200 other museums across the US...a really great deal!
we went yesterday morning, which was a great day to go, because after some great, warm sunny days, we woke up yesterday to a cold and rainy day! perfect for being inside!! the boys had a really great time with everything there - here's a few pictures of the day

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


do you ever get nervous that things are just going TOO good?? it's been a little crazy lately, even with small things, where everything is just seeming to go so perfectly, and i start to get a little nervous that something bad is about to happen. i am not suspicious or anything, but i know how satan works!! i just looked outside at my 2 boys playing baseball and it reminded me of how grateful i am to have kids that get along so well. they have moments, of course - we all do, but they are really great friends, and love being together. there is a long story that some of you are aware of regarding some property that the church is looking into getting. (adam is actually meeting with the owner as i type this!) there are so many things coming together so perfectly with that, and this past saturday, after getting back from our initial meeting with the owner, there was an envelope on our front door. it was a hotel reservation for just me and adam for one night next week. really good friends of ours felt led to do that for us, and they worked out babysitting for us, and gave money for us to spend in addition!! it was honestly like too much...just like overload! i am of course so incredibly grateful for friends like that, but even more reminded of our amazing God who LOVES to pour blessings on his children! it is just SO like God!! church is going amazing, me and adam just graduated from FBI, and are continuing to take the classes, just because we love them so much. the truth project just started, which i would reccomend EVERYBODY get involved in. our church family is incredible. then i found a dentist 5 minutes away that accepts our healthy kids insurance, so the boys have appts. for next month - huge answer to prayer. then someone sent us money to go towards plane tickets to see adam's parents, and we got free tickets to disney. just typing all of this brings tears to my eyes, as i am so reminded over and over again of God's love and faithfulness to our family. i can honestly say that i am completely content where i am, and those closest to me know that it has not always been like that. i love being where God wants me. nothing is better than that.

Friday, March 13, 2009

my boys love nanny and grampops

my parents recently got back from a cruise...we missed them so much!! i love how much the boys mean to my parents. i overheard my dad making an appointment for one saturday, and before he made plans he asked me what time aj's game was. he planned it around that. i like that :) they went to almost every game. i love the efforts they make for the kids. it is intentional decisions :) aj said the other day, i don't ever want to get another house. i like it here. i would miss nanny, and who would pull out all my teeth? the boys love calling nanny upstairs to see anything new they have made, and her reactions never dissapoint! they love ringing the doorbell to see grampops anytime they can. i love the setup here, it is just perfect.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Please pray for Sarah

please pray for sarah, mommy of a 3 and 5 year old, and pregnant with her third. just found out she has cancer...needs all the prayer she can get! you can find out more at their blog -



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