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Wednesday, November 30, 2005


aaarrrggghhhh...is that the way you say it? all i can say is...i hate birthdays. every year i say the same thing, but every year it is true. you think...hmm..i should be happy and everyone should treat me extra nice, and every thing should be perfect on my birthday. then you wake up, it's raining, the kids are fighting and you have to go to work. i don't know where the idea of "celebrating" birthdays ever came from.
anyways, i am thankful for my family. ron came to the shop this moring with a dunkacino and a blueberry muffin with a candle in it. wow, i have the best brother. my dad and my mom have both called me 2 times each today, just to "make sure you are having a good birthday" they said. they are really great. tonight i will go to my rents where my mom is making my fave meal...stuffed shells. (isn't that clever? "shells" get it?? haha)my whole family will be there, and maybe that will help this whiny, little selfish girl to be a little happier! haha.
oh, i also opened the boys little gifts this morning. they each picked out a little candle holder and candle. (riley's was blue, aj's was green) they were so excited. oh man i love those boys more than life. the candle from ry was a little dissappointing,cuz he had told me he was gonna get me a shovel...a blue one for my birthday! hahaha...he is so cute, and of course i am joking about being dissappointed! well, this is the last blog i will write as a raymond resident. this has been a particularly difficult one to type due to my beautiful acrylic nails (that my melly paid for for my b-day!)
life is weird, and i could never explain to anyone the emotions that i go through. grr...crying and laughing, being depressed then ecstatic...oh, and that all can happen in a 15 minute time span!!
oh well, enough from this 29-year-old girl.
peace out.

Saturday, November 12, 2005


i am so tired! after going through a rather difficult night with riley thursday night, i got through friday and went to the super bowl! it is always a little hard for me to stay up the whole night, but it was good, overall. we had 29 people go, and christy won a 20" tv! that was cool, and my super-strong husband lugged it all the way up the stairs and outside to the van!
it is interesting that no matter how old i get, i will always be a girl. meaning...having those same feelings of frustration, hurt feelings and whatever else. sometimes i can't stand that.
i think it's sad that there are really so many people out there...some that know me well, others that don't realy know me at all...that can just be inconsiderate of other people's feelings. i am not necessarily still referring to the super bowl, but just in general. people think that it's ok to say whatever, do whatever, act however, and not even care that they might be hurting someone else's feelings. just as long as they are happy, and are saying what they want, it's just weird to me. i was raised to always think of others better than myself, and i don't know what's happened these days that people just think it's their "right" to say whatever they want. there are no consequences, and they don't apologize. still just hurting people. it's sad.
i know that was deep, but i only slept 3 1/2 hours then had to get up, get the boys and now work the shop for the rest of the day!
God is trying to teach me a lot about my words. i can tend to say things when i am hurt that don't need to be said. but, see...i always manage to justify things in my head, ya know...because i am hurt. it is still wrong, and i have a long way to go.

on a much much lighter note, i got 3 pairs of jeans today!!! someone brought in a bunch of pants, and 3 of them fit me! that never happens. i can never find a pair of jeans that fits me the way i want, and today i found 3! i really like to think that my Father, the God of the universe, and MY friend, will sometimes do little things like that to make my day a little better.
tonight me adam and mel are going to see ron in the wIzzahd of oz (note the voice intonation there ron! hehe) chad was supposed to come too, but his sister just had a baby early this morning. i guess it's good that he's being a nice brother, but my mel is so so so sad. i hate to see her sad, and i hope this whole long distance thing is over soon!!
well, i am gonna sign off for now. i am oh so tired, have i mentioned that? i also need to always say how thankful i am for my family. wow. it is just not fair! i have the most incredible husband, boys, parents, brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews in the whole world. no matter who else hurts me, it's good to know that i always have them. yay.
that's it for now.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

candy apples

so i decided to make some candy apples with the boys. it really was a lot of fun, and they loved eating them after!! sometimes, it's hard to imagine that i got the cutest little boys ever born!!! i mean, seriously, look at those beautiful big blue eyes. i love my boys!!!!

Friday, October 14, 2005

rachelle decided to blog

rachelle was just thinking that maybe she would blog a little in...is it 1st person or 3rd person...whatever. she is tired today, probably because she has been at the shop all morning, and after a while it just gets long. she feels your pain ron! (and she misses you!) anywho...she has been trying to figure out how to make it look and smell pretty and cozy in here. now she is just watching the clock until she sees the 7...which to tell you the truth...she does not think will ever come. she has a lot to do tonight. preparing for the ministry fair, and getting her kids stuff ready for saturday morning soccer, and getting herself ready for her 10k race in the morning. she is getting sick of writing like this, so she is signing off for now. she hopes everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


today is one of those days. you know those kind of days you have, when you're all emotional about everything, and you don't necessarily know why? well, i tend to have these days more and more frequently as of late. i don't know if it's cuz i am getting older, because my kids are getting older, or just because i get frustrated with myself so easily!! almost every day, every time i hear any song (which is often) i say to myself...why why why haven't you done anything with your music??? i have a lot of stuff, and when i hear other people's music, i think...i have stuff that's as good as this...my voice is half-decent, why can't i figure out how do DO SOMETHING with it??? i really feel like people would be able to relate to a lot of my stuff, and would really like it, and be encouraged by it. i just don't know how to do anything with it..so i don't. anyways, i just thought i would go off about that. i guess that's all i'm up for right now.
love to all.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Jesus you are my reward

i am at the shop right now, and i am listening to "Jesus, you are my reward" and it is really something that i need to think about more. i can really get so caught up in, and discouraged about what is going on in my life. the business isn't doing real well, so that discourages adam, which in turn discourages me. a lot seems to be about finances...not that i think if i have money i will all of a sudden be perfectly happy, but it is still a big burden that is constantly on me. i really have to think about the rewards that i am getting from Jesus. a good reminder that i need.

s'all for now.

Friday, September 16, 2005

at the shop

well..i am at the shop today. this should be interesting. i had to wake up my 2 boys this morning, go to my parents for a 5-mile run, then come right here to stylin. it is now 12:25 and i have been here since a little before 10. the boys have been pretty good. ok, actually it is now 1:45 and my saint of a mother just came by and picked up the boys to bring them to her house for a nap! that is always good.
things are going ok...life has a way of getting you down every now and then, but i have to try really hard to just remember all the good things that God has given me. i have all of my family near me and i love them all so so so much. i don't know why i am posting, because i don't really have much to say today...i'm just so tired. and i am gonna be totally LOVING being able to get up in the morning and NOT RUN!! october 8th and it will be all over!!
anyways, enough for me for now.
peace and love.

Monday, August 15, 2005

tired...soooo tired

ok, i am so terribly tired right now. i don't know if it's from all the running i'm doing, or vbs, or my 2 wonderfully energetic boys, or the new shop or WHAT!! but, we did have our first day of vbs, and it went really well, besides the fact that our tribe name means "unruly" and oh how accurate that is!!!! anyways, it still went good. then i ran 5 miles, at a rather fast pace. then i put my boys down for a nap at my parents, and i went to manch to get my AWESOME AWESOME new asics running shoes that my incredible parents bought me. they are soo cool! then me and mel went to the mall, and she got a super cool digital camera...good times with my sis. then after dinner the fam went to the shop and did some work organizing stuff. it is still so cool to me that we have our very own shop!!! YAY!!!
well, riley just went to bed, aj needs to go and i have to get up at 7 and run 8 miles before another exciting day of vbs!! life is good.

haaaaaaave a good one!!

Saturday, August 13, 2005

well...i am posting again! yay for me!!
things are going well. a little tiring, and somewhat stressful, but still good. my boys continue to amaze me and cause me to fall more and more in love with them. aj just told me the other day "mommy, you are so beautiful" sigh. what an amazingly sweet and SMART little boy! haha!!
me and adam officially started our shop last week! it is so exciting, and things are going good, lots more people are coming in, and i think it looks great! my whole family has been so helpful, and ron is amazing! he is, after basically fixing the whole shop, running it for us. he is also incredible in Broadway Rocks, and continues to astound everyone with his amazing singing ability!
melanie is doing great, and has found a great guy..who i really like, and he is absolutely hysterical!!
erika is still just an amazing mother, who i am just in awe of how she does what she does!
my wonderful grandmother is still visiting, and we all love having her here, and wish she would stay FOREVER!!
adam is encouraged about the shop, and is very patient with my running schedule (which, by the way, my dad and i ran 17 miles today!!) and a great daddy to our boys.
my parents never cease to amaze me. they are the unbelievably incredible role models of christian, loving, godly parents, and just people in general! i am so blessed to have the family i do!
on a lighter note...my legs are aching terribly tonight after my big run! 17 miles sure is a long way to go all at once!! october 8th is the big marathon day, so hopefully i can make it until then!
i am starting to sell arbonne, so we will see how that goes...i am getting pretty excited about it!!
wellll....this has been boring enough!! all the teans are gone for the night, and a great breakfast awaits me in the morning at church!!!
God is good!! love to you all.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

no title

well, i do not write here much...i don't know why though. wellllll...we got back from an amazing trip to prince edward island. what an AMAZING GOD we serve!! He always does incredible things...33 people got saved in one week!!!! it is truly unreal, and I had the privilege of leading 3 of them to Christ. We really had a great time. now things here are just moving along. so many thoughts, dreams, and real life things to deal with! we are starting our business finally!!! we should be opening our shop in about 2 weeks, so that is so thrilling! i am speaking at a girls week on thursday, and i am not positive what God wants me to speak on..i am thinking of self-esteem.
well, life is great. i have an amazing family, i love my teens, me and my amazing husband are starting a business together, something we've always wanted to do, and vacation is only 4 days away!! hoooorayyyyy!!
sarah and melissa...my girls...are coming over to chill with me tomorrow, and we will probably spend some time at the new shop! that will be fun! then, my mother's birthday is friday, so me,erika,mel and ron (with children of course!) are all going up to camp maranatha thursday to celebrate!
hmmm...what else should i share here...i guess nothing for now. hope whoever reads this doesn't mind waiting a month in between each blog! haha!!
that's it for tonight!


Friday, June 17, 2005


well, i have not written in a while, it seems to take a lot out of me to think and write down those thoughts. i ran 5 miles today, and will run 9 in the morning. i really do love running, but there are times, like first thing in the morning, when i can be like...why in the world am i doing this!! but seriously, why??! i do feel good after, and proud of myself for actually doing something that i want to do. there is a lot going on in my mind right now, and i don't necessarily want to be writing it for the world to see, but sometimes i think that everybody would be surprised to know some of the things going on in my head...i think that there are very few people who actually know my deep thoughts, and sort of the dissappointments i feel. i know that probably didn't make sense, but hey..it's my blog!!! it doesn't have to make sense!!
anyways, a little too deep there.
me and adam went out for dinner last night to the cracker barrell to kinda celebrate our 6 year anniversary. it was real yummy. ronnie watched the boys for us...he is such a wonderful brother, and he got a movie to watch with them (i think it was only rated pg13..haha, just kidding!! he actually suffered through the heffalump movie!! what a guy!!) and bought them jellybeans..ooohhh, i just remembered they are still here, and i want to go and get some!! yay!
ahhhh the sun is shining again, that always helps everything, doesn't it? i wrote a song last night that is talking about the benefits we get from being God's children.

amazing God you alone forgive my sins
amazing God you ransom me from death
amazing God you fill my life with all good things
amazing, holy God

your touch can heal, although i'm weak your love remains
your grace abounds to the lowliest of men
you renew my strength and surround me with your mercies
so to you i sing this praise again.

(based on psalm 103)

i just wrote this, so ron can belt out some hideous tune to go with the words!! haha..actually, i hope it is a reminder for whoever reads this, all that we really have in Christ.
ok..this was long, and i am done for now, i have a ton of things to do!!


Friday, June 03, 2005

just thought i'd write again, since it's been awhile...not sure if anyone really reads this, but i shall write anyways. it was a beautiful, sunny day today, and me and mel took the boys to see sarah beeeeeee's softball game. we actually just chilled all day, and had some nice talks and such. tomorrow is lars graduation, and then off to her big party!! nothing too new or exciting is going on in the life of rachelle dawn, but i am just trying to make the people around me happy, and be happy where i am!! i am trying to get a demo cd ready to send out to different places, but i haven't heard back from the guy who is doing the recording for me. any prayers on this would be appreciated!! God's timing is perfect, so i will try and be patient! well, i guess that's it for now. i should go to bed now...tomorrow should be a long day!! i am a happy girly. latah.

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

well, it was a very long weekend, i must say! but it was actually a lot of fun. me adam and the boys all stayed at my parents for the weekend, and enjoyed late nights of talking nonsense with mel, chad and ron!! oh if only every night could be like that! i am so lucky to have my family. i am in the process of trying to figure out what to do with a few things in my life that need to be pursued. i need to take a few first steps...we shall see!! anyways, the boys are napping and i am happing...i wish that "happy" could also be said "happing" cuz that would have been the perfect rhyme right there!! i have made a vow not to turn the telly on during the kids naps. i need to say that i have kept that vow, and it really is better. i have so many other things i could be doing besides that! i guess enough rambling for now, and i will decide what to do next. thanks to all who care enough to read my blog, and love to my ron and mel...the best friends a girl could ask for.
over and out.

Friday, May 20, 2005

The weekend is here...

Well, it's friday. i guess that's good. i am so stinkin tired right now. riley sleeps in our bed every night, and he is a very loud and restless sleeper, making it very difficult to get any sleep at all!! but i DO love the little stinker so much!! i am watching the saveums right now..one of the most annoying cartoons, although not nearly as bad as dora or the wiggles!! i have huge plans today...i am going to walmart to go grocery shopping, then i am going to laura and melissa's softball game, then i am doing face painting at awana. that sounds pretty exciting, huh?!? well, that's a great word for my life...exciting!!! haha.
i am in the process of planning laura's graduation party, so i have to be creative and come up with some sort of invitation today. we shall see. that's it for me today. over and out.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

life is good

you know how some days are just great and some are just terrible?! how can that even be? it is so weird. anyways, today is a good day. the sun is shining, and lately, i have just really been so so thankful for my family. sometimes, i don't think it's fair that i can have such a great family. adam is great, and the boys are precious. my parents are always helping me out, and ron and mel are the best friends a girl could ask for. erika is always giving me good "mom advice" and all my neices and nephews just add to the mix to make everything so wonderful. i am really so so lucky. sometimes the circumstances aren't the best...i mean, i wish i had a few thousand dollars to start my business, and i wish i had a house, but it's all good. God really does know. i am doing this Bible study called "believing God" by beth moore, and it is so great...i really needed it. i need to really believe God way more than i do. anyways, this is really my first real blog YAY!!! i blogged, i am a blogger, i blogged on my very first try!! hooray. ok, i am odd. over and out

Monday, May 16, 2005

My Boys - AJ and Riley Posted by Hello

this day

well, although my brother is posting these things about himself, in real life, he really is the best brother anyone could ever ask for. i am very very lucky to have him in my life, and i am so proud to call him my brother. anyways, today is another rainy one, but my amazing sister melanie is with me, so it is not so bad. my beautiful boys are napping...aaahhhhh:) well, this is my first official blog, so this should be fun!!!
please be patient with me as i try to get this blog set up. my brother is amazing and is putting in HOURS of his time to get it just right!!

i'm not really putting in hours, i just wanted to make myself sound good!

so that's the story and hopefully there will be much more to come. keep checking back!!


Saturday, May 14, 2005

i love my brother and he's the best person in the world!!!

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