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Saturday, November 12, 2005


i am so tired! after going through a rather difficult night with riley thursday night, i got through friday and went to the super bowl! it is always a little hard for me to stay up the whole night, but it was good, overall. we had 29 people go, and christy won a 20" tv! that was cool, and my super-strong husband lugged it all the way up the stairs and outside to the van!
it is interesting that no matter how old i get, i will always be a girl. meaning...having those same feelings of frustration, hurt feelings and whatever else. sometimes i can't stand that.
i think it's sad that there are really so many people out there...some that know me well, others that don't realy know me at all...that can just be inconsiderate of other people's feelings. i am not necessarily still referring to the super bowl, but just in general. people think that it's ok to say whatever, do whatever, act however, and not even care that they might be hurting someone else's feelings. just as long as they are happy, and are saying what they want, it's just weird to me. i was raised to always think of others better than myself, and i don't know what's happened these days that people just think it's their "right" to say whatever they want. there are no consequences, and they don't apologize. still just hurting people. it's sad.
i know that was deep, but i only slept 3 1/2 hours then had to get up, get the boys and now work the shop for the rest of the day!
God is trying to teach me a lot about my words. i can tend to say things when i am hurt that don't need to be said. but, see...i always manage to justify things in my head, ya know...because i am hurt. it is still wrong, and i have a long way to go.

on a much much lighter note, i got 3 pairs of jeans today!!! someone brought in a bunch of pants, and 3 of them fit me! that never happens. i can never find a pair of jeans that fits me the way i want, and today i found 3! i really like to think that my Father, the God of the universe, and MY friend, will sometimes do little things like that to make my day a little better.
tonight me adam and mel are going to see ron in the wIzzahd of oz (note the voice intonation there ron! hehe) chad was supposed to come too, but his sister just had a baby early this morning. i guess it's good that he's being a nice brother, but my mel is so so so sad. i hate to see her sad, and i hope this whole long distance thing is over soon!!
well, i am gonna sign off for now. i am oh so tired, have i mentioned that? i also need to always say how thankful i am for my family. wow. it is just not fair! i have the most incredible husband, boys, parents, brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews in the whole world. no matter who else hurts me, it's good to know that i always have them. yay.
that's it for now.

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