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Friday, December 31, 2010

on new year's resolutions...

never liked 'em.

i always felt like you put all these huge aspirations on paper,
only to find that in march you have completely lost control
of everything, and are reminded what a failure you really are.
i mean, that's what it felt like to me.

so for me.

just me, personally

as this year comes to an end.

my only resolution is that on january 2nd, i would be more like Christ

on january 3rd, i would still be moving forward

on january 4th, i am still striving to be the kind of godly wife and mom that i need to be

on january 5th...ok. you get my point.

i do not want to have a list of things that i will check off - 
there, i read the Bible this year,
there, i memorized THAT verse this year

i mean, i do want to do those things.
but i want my heart to be in a place that is so sensitive to my Savior,
and so motivated to follow Him out of love for all that HE has done for me,
that i can look back, and just say..
wow! i read the whole Bible this year!
wow! i memorized a lot of scripture this year!

i was just reading in romans 5 today: 

"You see, at just the right time, when we were still powerless, Christ died for the ungodly. 7 Very rarely will anyone die for a righteous person, though for a good person someone might possibly dare to die. 8 But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us."

amazing. isn't it?
Christ died for me, an enemy...
how could i NOT want to live for Him?

the very fact that i can go to sleep tonight and know for sure. 
beyond the shadow of a doubt
that if i didn't wake up on this earth, i would be in heaven -
gives incredible peace and motivation.

not based on my opinion.
certainly not based on my good works. 
but because i have a God that loved me enough
to pay the penalty that my sin deserved.

amazing love

so for me?
no notepad filled with checklists
no panic attacks that i may just give in to that chocolate ice cream. ha!


just living my life
one day at a time
trying to please God with my words 

with my thoughts

with my actions

with my life.

just because...

i know you needed another post today...

my precious nephew

Thursday, December 30, 2010

bowling is the bomb

i'm pretty sure that we are the owners of bowling in general.
or at least that is what my 3-year-old nephew brayden thinks!
every single time our families have gotten together, we have gone bowling!
i love watching how excited he gets when he talks about going bowling with his best cousins!

we headed to exeter, babies and all

riley got a strike and RAN to his big brother to celebrate...so cute!

not to leave the big boys out...

the rest of us were just cheerleaders and pizza eaters.
no problem here!

ry with nanna (adam's mom)

then it was back to the house to get warm -
these floridians aren't used to the cold anymore!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

let it snow! let it snow! let it snow!

not much makes little boys happier than playing in the snow!

a little crashing into the photographer makes things even more fun :)

a little uncle-nephew tackle football

                                         i guess not much makes big boys happier either!

Christmas pictures GALORE

we have had very full house this week...

we have: the four of us, my parents, my grandmother, my sister, her husband and their baby boy,
adam's parents and adam's brother, his wife and their two boys.

things have been busy and lots of fun with everyone around.

here are just a few pictures from...i think just the first day!
i have a lot more to go through!

my adorable nephew, carter

my almond-addicted brother-in-law chad (affectionately known by me as chaz...he loves it)

my adorable newest nephew, callen

a little cousin coloring time...brayden, riley and aj

my sister who is always up for play time with her boys

my mom, whose smile keeps everyone going

me, bethy and melly's little bed time snack.
which, by the way, is definitely still on my not size 0 hips :)

now that i feel like i was introducing my family on family feud..ha!

but i really do have some pretty amazing family (including inlaws :))

we have made some super awesome memories, and really enjoyed all our family time.
i have a lot more pictures, but will break them into more blog posts...
i like to keep you coming back :)

Twas the Morning of Christmas...

and mommy and dad

had to wake up the kiddies

from their sweet upstairs pad.

Baby Callen was eating

upon Nanny's knee

Daddy read the Christmas story

The boys set up the Nativity

We opened lots of presents
Enjoyed the family

We sipped on coffee, ate cinnamon rolls
While sitting by the tree.

Monday, December 27, 2010

twas the night before christmas

we ordered out for pizza from fremont pizzeria
had our christmas eve service
the stockings were all hung...

the boys had opened their "surprise" present of pajamas (a tradition since i was little)

mel put callen to bed

we watched a movie
and went to bed.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

i did not take these...

 but i wish i did!!

one of the boys on aj's soccer team has a dad who owns THIS...i am drooling just looking at it.
seriously. a.maz.ing. lens.
ok. back to my post.
he was very generous and gave each player a cd with pictures he had taken during the season!
they came out awesome! thought i would share some of them with you.

aj's team...coached by coach daddy

aj is very gifted athletcially, and also very sweet, sensitive and humble.
i love seeing how spiritually mature he is, and the desire he has to please Jesus!
i also love watching him play soccer. :)

have i mentioned that i love this lens?
i did not pay 1500 combined for both my camera bodies, and all my lenses!!
everything i have is used, and i just try to do the best i can with what i have!!
maybe someday i can have something this nice!!

but until then, i will be grateful for the kindness of others to share these amazing shots :)

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