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Monday, October 21, 2013

Skimming through life when #Godispushy

I am a skimmer.
I don't really think that's a good thing, although it may have gotten me through a college English class or 2.
Well, that and writing a really, really sweet Christmas card to my professor.
True story.

Anyways, as I was running all over the place today, I realized that I skim over my life way too much.
I mean, I don't want to. And I don't mean to.
I am a very fast paced person...just ask Adam.
His slow and steady pace definitely keeps me balanced.

I don't know why I'm so fast, and sometimes I drive myself crazy.
The worst part is when I skim over things I don't even want to.

In the spirit of keeping my blog completely real and honest...
I skimmed over my quiet time with God today.
Can it get any lower than that??
As if my life is just so filled the the brim of important things, that God couldn't quite get my full attention.

We are going through The Truth Project for the second time at my church.
I need it.
We were learning on Sunday that God's story is so much bigger than our story.
Yet, somehow, we fool ourselves into thinking that life is all about us. About our own story.
That, my friends, is the farthest thing from the truth.

When I actually start believing the truth that my life exists to bring glory to God...
the things I start skimming over will change.

I start realizing that every single day is a gift.

Why would I want to rush through a meal with my family so I can get to my computer to edit all those images waiting for me?
Why would I want to rush through a time I am privileged enough to have with God to get to the dishes in the sink?
Why would I want to rush through a day, hoping to get it over with (cough*tomorrow*cough) instead of stopping. And being still. And being thankful for every day I have been given.

Instead, I should be:
*Looking at my boys and thinking about the way that Riley's smile is totally from the Chase side of the family. (I think Auntie Sarah)
*Thinking about the way that AJ looks and acts exactly like Adam, but somehow looks just like his cousin Caleb, who is from my side of the family.
*Loving the fact that Riley could play with legos forever, knowing that it won't last forever. (no...seriously. It won't. I already told him he's not allowed to be that person who is playing with legos his whole life. haha!)
*Loving the fact that AJ was sweet enough to go up to a 7-year-old girl and offer to go through a corn maze with her, because she wanted someone to go with.
*Glowing with pride because I watched Riley getting made fun of from a boy on his soccer team since he went to church and missed his soccer game, to which he replied...God is more important than sports.
*Watching AJ go up to his soccer team after missing the semi-final game because of church and then watching literally all of the 12 and 13 year old boys on his team run up and hug him. Then hearing his coach say...As you can see. The team kind of likes AJ.

There is so much in life I don't want to miss!
This time of year blows me away with the incredible creation of an incredible God.
He is so creative.
Yes...He is pushy sometimes
My p31 girls and I were aware of that a couple weeks ago!
I could have put this hashtag every 10 minutes! #Godispushy
I mean seriously! It's like...conviction, much?!
But He is pushy because He loves me and wants me to be still!
To understand that HE is God.
To understand that my life is not about my story.
It's about God's story.

I am challenging myself, and any of my skimming, hyper, ADD prone, crazy friends.
Be still tomorrow.
Tell yourself to slow down.
Tell yourself to breathe.
Remind yourself that it is not about you, it is about God.
And instead of speeding through your day and skimming over things, just look around.
Enjoy what you have right now.
Enjoy what you have today.
Ask God to be pushy!
Don't you want that? Don't you want to grow? Don't you want to become a better person?

It's your choice.
It's my choice.
And tomorrow?
I am choosing to slow down.
Go ahead God, push away!


  1. I love this. Thank you for these reminders. And I loved reading all that about the boys...

    1. Glad I can share this life with you.

  2. Love you, my friend! Good words. I, too, become guilty of skimming. I think it's a common problem, especially with the on-the-go lifestyle our society has! I tell people I have a 'Martha' complex- do, do, do - and have to force myself to be more like Mary sometimes... to choose the better thing. To be still before God and just BE for awhile. xoxo

  3. God IS pushy! Girl, you know it! xxoo

  4. I loved this. I was guilty of the same thing this morning. Yuck is right. Then in the car later I just praised at the top of my lungs. We need those moments more. :) Also, loved reading what you said about your kids. They're blessed. :)

    1. I love praising at the top of my lungs....with the windows down ;)


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