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Thursday, October 17, 2013

See mom run.

Sometimes... I sit here and start typing.
And without even thinking, clever sentences and witty comments come flying out.

Then sometimes my brain gets all wacked out and I'm all like...
Today we went to a corn maize.
It. was. fun.
The weather was nice.
See AJ and Riley run.
They ran fast.
See. mom. run.
She was tired.
See mom sit.

The end.

So today, because I have all these great pictures of my boys fun day at this awesome corn maize.
I am just going to upload them and let the pictures do the talking.

And also?
I'm getting a horse.
You heard it here first.

That's all for me tonight.
Peace out.


  1. These are so so beautiful!!!!! You should frame them all. Love looking through these.

  2. POVA!!! nothin' more beautiful than New England in the fall. <3


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