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Monday, October 14, 2013

Going big or going home.

Type, type, type.
Backspace, backspace, backspace.
Type, type.
Backspace, backspace.

This is what is going on right now.
My thoughts. They are normally a little crazy. But tonight?
They are beyond that.
I have so many things that are in my heart.
I just returned from a week long conference.
It is still crazy in my mind that I even took that much time away from my family.
But I knew God wanted me to go. I just knew it.
And I was right.

God spoke to me this week.
It was real, and it was constant.
I don't say that lightly, and I don't say it as just a thing to say.

God is real.
And if you have any doubts of that, you aren't opening your eyes enough.

God speaks to His children.
And if you have any doubts of that, you aren't opening your ears enough.

My intent is not to share everything in this one post because it is just too much.
I haven't even been able to process everything.

I just wanted to really think about this verse. I mean, really think about it.
Write it out, study it out, hold tightly to it.
Hebrews 6:19.
We have this hope as an anchor for the soul both sure and steadfast.
The NIV says firm and secure.
I love this.
What keeps me going in the middle of my crazy schedule?
Hope in Jesus.
I can't hold on to my family, my friends, my positive thinking, my work, my money.
Jesus. That's it.
HE is sufficient. He is all I need, and He is the one who gets me through.

I am going to be making some big decisions.
I have some pretty big goals.
In my business, in my ministry, in my family.

I have a huge team of people surrounding me who also have big dreams and big faith in a big God. We're gonna do crazy big things, people.

Anyone not on board with this whole Jesus-thing?
Anyone who just doesn't get it?
Please talk to me. Please.
Choosing Jesus? Best decision I ever made in my life.
Hands down.

So starting this week?
I am going big or going home.
I am ready to Roll. Who's with me?

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