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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I'm sarcastic. Duh.

It's a gift. Really.

I have this little unwritten rule.

I call it the 5 minute rule.

If I am having a deep, serious conversation...I have to crack a joke to lighten things up every five minutes. I'm not even joking...I just have to.
It's like – dude! You can only take so much!

Imagine my sheer and utter horror when I found myself standing in a circle of 50 women. (Some of who I knew, some of who I did not.)
And I was expected to stand there.
With my palms up. No fidgeting.
Look a perfect stranger in the eyes and telling her my biggest fear.
Um. Has it been five minutes yet?

I kept telling myself...it's fine. It will be over soon.
And then everyone was crying. And then I was questioning my decision to attend a conference so far away from home.
And then it was my turn.
And I stood there and cracked my joke.

It had been 5 minutes, people!

And people laughed, and I could breathe again.
I was serious after my joke. Really I was.

But it is times like that that really get me thinking.
See..I am sarcastic.
Like. A lot.
But I am really serious too. I think deeply and I love fiercely.
I am loyal to a fault and if I say I will always be there for you. I mean it.

As I have been thinking back on my time at the conference, I can't possibly put everything I am feeling into one post.
So tonight?
I am thinking about the fact that you can not tell everything about a person by her outward appearance.
Just because I am sarcastic and love to make people laugh, it does not mean that I don't have serious thoughts and real feelings.

I went into this conference thinking I did not need another friend.
I was fine. I had all I needed.
And I walked away thinking...

How in the world did I ever live without these girls?

I am going to write later about the fact that no one is a nobody.
And everybody is a somebody.
I want to gush over the girls that may consider themselves a nobody,
while everyone around us are busy filling their blogs with the praises of the somebody's.
No offense to those who have arrived.
To those who have made it.

But I think that a little more time needs to be spent on the people who consider themselves nobody's.

Because to Jesus? We are all the same.
Did you get that?

We are all the same.

And I am so incredibly thankful that Jesus loves me just as much as He loves all the somebody's.

So yes. I am sarcastic. Duh.
It's just the way I am. And I'm pretty sure Jesus thinks it's rad.

Don't judge me if I am hashtagging the daylights out of every awkward situation.
Don't stare me down if you aren't picking up what I'm laying down.
And don't be jealous. Not everyone can have this gift.
It's ok.

And be on the lookout for your name in my blog.
Some of you girls need to be reminded how incredible you really are.

Because life is too short.


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  2. Another post that I love so much. xoxo

  3. I can totally hear your voice as I read that! It was a huge blessing to get to know you last week. You have an amazing heart in addition to your gift of sarcasm! ;) Love you, girl. -Kathy

  4. I love that you crack jokes every 5 minutes! It really did help lighten the pressure and I loved having you for my small group leader!


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