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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Three blind mice...or 2 dead ones.

You remember the post about the animal issues we have with our house, yes?
The one about the bird and the one about the 2 birds?
I think I should put animals in the "what I write about" section.

I am not an animal lover. {insert hateful comments from my readers here}
Except for horses. I love horses.
Anyways...I think it's funny (and I use that term loosely) that just when I think I am not going to have any more dealings with animals, another animal pops up.
Like, literally pops up.

Last Friday as I was sitting in my library, I thought I smelled something.
I am pretty positive we have a skunk living under our house.
Now, if I remember Bambi correctly, skunks hibernate? At least flower did.
So hopefully she will be going to sleep soon and not coming out till Spring.
ok...we got that animal taken care of.

Let's see now.
We have had birds, bats, skunks and turkeys who pretty much think this land is their land.
So I guess it was no surprise when I was finally brave enough to venture upstairs to the attic that I saw a small gray ball on the second step.
I slammed the door shut and yelled for Riley.
(There is a reason God knew I should be a boys mommy! ha!)
He was excited to see what I was screaming about...of course.
When I opened the door slowly to show him the dead mouse, I saw another one.
This one? Face up.
Staring his beady little eyes up at me.

Come off it!
Now what makes me nervous is the song, people, the song!
You know the one...Three blind mice?
I saw 2 mice who were clearly blind - since they must have fallen down the stairs which are pretty dang obvious, if you ask me.
Where is the other mouse?
I mean it.
You know there's gotta be another one.

So please stay tuned for my next post entitled

The Day the Third Blind Mouse Scared the Living Daylights Out of  Me.

In  the meantime, I will be here.
Thinking that every single gray thing I see is another mouse. or bat. or bird. or hamster.

And I will have the boys open every door.
Starting now.

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  1. Oh my my. You are such a good story teller!!! Hope those mice go away. And that the 3rd blind one gets the memo. xoxo


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