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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Claiming 2014...one month at a time.

So last year, I decided to do a new week's resolution.
And let me tell you...I kicked that week's butt.

But for some reason, this year I feel different about the whole  new years resolution thing.

This year?
I decided to do things a little bit differently.
I warned you that I was going to get all up in your grills about plans and dreams.
I can not go back on my word.

I have learned a lot of things from 2013.
Sometimes looking at the past can bring up memories and hurt that you just don't want to even remember, much less dwell on!
But at the same time, there are definitely benefits that come from looking at the past.
It can remind you of things that worked in your life, and things you need to get rid of.
It can remind you of the things that God has done to bless you,
and also of the hard times that He has pulled you through!

I have some pretty big dreams for this year.
I honestly think that 2014 is going to be the most amazing year of my entire life.
I am so excited for the friends and visionaries that God has chosen to surround me with this year.
I have always been a people-person, so going through exciting things like this with incredible friends makes everything so much more fun!

So here's where the getting all up in your grill part comes in.

Are you ready for it?
Instead of setting New Year's Resolutions, I want us to set New Month's Resolutions.
Every single month... It's less intimidating that way.

Ya know how when you eat a half a brownie it's not as bad as eating the whole thing...even though you go back 10 minutes later and finish the other half?

That's how it is with this.
We are going to pick a few things to do just for this month.
We can do it!
And I decided to make things easy for you and make a list.
I know, I'm so nice.
Lists make everything easier, and doing things together does too.
That's why me and you are totally gonna be bff's for January.
(And even though I shouldn't tell you this, we probably will be for February and every other month too!)

So go here and get your copy of the list.
The one and only, totally awesome, we ain't afraid of nothin, we are going to change the world list.
No really. Go get it.
I'm waiting. Because I need to explain it to you while you're looking at it.
Ok...do you have it? Are you looking at it?

You can either download it to your computer - if that works best for you.
Or you can print it out and keep it by your bed, on your bathroom mirror...whatever.
I am going to print mine out, because I want to be able to write on it with a pen. Just my preference.

There is going to be something to memorize at the top of the page for each month.
This month is Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak, slow to become angry.

We are going to memorize that together.
Then you are going to fill out the rest of it.
Pick a word for this month that you are going to focus on.
Focus on the positive. If you have issues with being fearful? Pick fearless as your word for the month.
If you tend to be a negative person? Pick positive as your word! You get the idea.

The rest is pretty self explanatory!
Here's where me getting too close for comfort begins.
But only if you want.
Fill yours out tonight (or tomorrow) and then email or give it to me.
Say whatt?!
I know. It's scary. But let's face it.
Being accountable makes us stronger. And isn't that what we want?
To be stronger?
I know I do.

We can do this together!
Stop procrastinating!

If you want things to be different this year than they were last year, you have to do something different this year than you did last year!

So who's gonna give it a try?
If you hate it, remember...it's only for January!
You don't have to commit to anything longer than that for now.
Just give it a try.
Who knows...it may be exactly what you need!

And I will be memorizing along with you, and filling mine out right along with you!

Let's claim 2014. Like a boss.
One month at a time.


  1. That is brilliant. I love it. I'll take that challenge.
    One month at a time. Like a boss. Boom. Happy New Year Rachelle. Thank you.

    1. awesome!! I hope this is your best January ever!!

  2. When I view your blog on Chrome some of your words trainwreck (they smash together to form a cloud of jumbled letters). I don't know if this happens in Mozilla or IE as well. But, wanted to let you know. Smiles, m

    1. hmmmm...thanks for telling me. I will try and fix that!

  3. I commented on this the other day but it must notve worked. Anyways, I love this. You are great. And I mean it. xoxo

    1. you're greater. i mean it. xo

  4. It's not saving my comments on this post. I'll try it again. I love this. You are great and I mean it. xoxo


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