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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Barcelona Soccer Bedroom ~ Before and After

Ry's bedroom was a big mess, just like AJ's was.
(You can see AJ's before and after from his Real Madrid bedroom here.)
We are dealing with uneven walls, floor, and pretty much just your typical old house problems.
Luckily, I am not a perfectionist at all!!

It had painted blue floors, and blue walls, and pretty much blue everything.
I don't have a before of the blue walls, but here it is after the priming, and before we started the very tedious job of painting stripes on the walls!
(I did not realize how big the walls were before we started!)

Here it is in the middle.

And here it is fully painted, before we put any furniture in and after we got it carpeted.

Then you add a real, live boy?
And it's a little bit of mayhem.
I like for my boys rooms to be just that - a boys room!
I'm not crazy psycho about everything being perfect and matching this that and the other.
If they kick a ball and something breaks, I don't want to be out a ton of money.
Most of the stuff we buy is from yard sales, craigslist, or thrift stores.
No pottery barn catalogs for us!

So here it is...well lived in.
He loves collecting rocks!

 Let's keep this closet door closed, shall we?
Note the lack of organization under the bed...and also?
The floor is normally COVERED in legos, but I moved them for the pictures!
 His bed is also normally covered with stuffed animals, but we moved them before we had family coming for Thanksgiving...you can barely even fit one person in that bed when all his buddies are there!
And he still sleeps with his puppy and puppy blanket everynight.
So there it is.
Another room completed...we are getting there!

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  1. I lovve this!!!!:) love the rock collection. And his puppy and puppy blanket. Cals following in his footsteps with that:) gotta love some mayhem.


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