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Thursday, December 19, 2013

The pre-post about the actual post that will come after the pre-post is written.

All of my friends are writing about their big plans and dreams for 2014.

My friends Angelsea and Heather are starting this crazy-awesome venture together.

My friend Gabrielle is planning huge things for this coming year.

My friend Tiffany is always planning something new and amazing.

My friend Kristin has this awesome ministry that is growing like mad.

My sister and her husband are starting a brand new ministry that is taking off.

And I could list a ton more people who have huge plans and dreams for this next year.
And I will be in the coming months.

I just happen to have pretty amazing friends!

And for me?
This year is looking to be the most amazing, fulfilling, HUGE year I have ever had.
I am almost just like unable to handle the thought of it all.

My amazing husband just took me away for the night last night.
We filled a notebook with dreams and plans we have for this year...it's the kind of dreaming that is so big, and so almost unbelievable that I can not wait to sit back and watch God do what he does best...

The Impossible!

Nothing will be impossible with God. nothing.
God doesn't only choose to bless and use the wealthy, the famous, the great.
He chooses the lowly. (remember the shepherds?)
He chooses people who are prepared. Who are willing. Who are obedient.

So be ready.
I am going to be writing about some of these dreams very soon.
But for now? This is just the pre-post about the actual post that will come after the pre-post is written.

Stick around.
You are going to want to be a part of all of this...

Trust me.

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  1. i love it!! and will totally stick around. cant wait to hear and see what God will do. and what He already has done!!! so excited!! keep dreaming big!!!!


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