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Monday, September 22, 2008

aj's apple

aj keeps asking me to put a picture of this apple on my blog! we went apple picking a few weeks ago, and aj officially picked the BIGGEST apple!! he wouldn't eat it and didn't want to do anything with it - he was so proud of it! he finally broke down and ate it today :)

ry lost another tooth!

man, riley lost another tooth (grampops is 6 for 6 in pulling the boys teeth!!) i keep getting older and older!! how cute is he?!?

ps. mel, we need to get one of these :)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

seacoast united

aj had tryouts on thursday and friday night at the seacoast united sports complex in epping. there was about 50 7 and 8-year-olds there! he didn't act nervous at all, and just ran right out on the field. you could definately tell a difference in his play on friday compared to thursday. he looked a lot more confident, and was totally having a fun time! he looked so cute with his little number (416) and his new t-shirt. we love the way that he is such a silent leader with his good attitude and love for life!! we will find out on tuesday if he makes the team or not!! either way - we love him just the same! :)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

more about soccer

i meant to put these pictures on first, because they were from the boys practice on friday night. also, wanted to show the cleats! we realized when we brought out the cleats from last year, that the boys feet have definately grown! put that one in the budget!! so we went to olympia in epping hoping to find something there. unfortunately, they didn't have anything in aj's size, and the only pair in ry's size he didn't like! (you know, we pretty much let our kids get whatever they "like" haha) so i went to manchester in the hopes of finding something pretty easily, and hopefully inexpensive! we found a pair that aj loved in his size (3 1/2 and YES he is only 7!!), so we bought those, but they didn't have any size 11 1/2's for riley. i went to sulleys soccer, and found a great pair that he loved! great, right? wrong. we got home, and they both started playing in them and everything was fine until aj said that his feet "absolutely killed". hmmm...i saw that it wasn't just because they were new, but nike's do tend to run narrow, so i was like i guess we have to take them back. but i was a little nervous, because they were white cleats, and were now a litle green, and i couldn't get it offff!! i called olympia where we had bought them, and they said i could still return them. well, this is friday morning, and the boys had practice friday night! i decided to just bring them back to the epping olympia and check one more time to see if they had a pair to exchange in aj's size. we prayed before we went in. (small sentence, but key point) aj found this great pair of adidas ones that he really liked, but the worker said, ooohhh...i only have one pair of these left in the store. they are a size 3 1/2. wow. is God good or what??!! we were so excited and reminded again of how God takes care of His children!! Thank you God!!

Monday, September 08, 2008

team courage

so this year was the first year that we decided to have the boys play soccer on the epping team. the last 4 years they have played at calvary. i must say that leaving the house at 8:45 and driving 2 miles beats leaving at 7:30 and driving 20 miles!! we didn't register in time to get riley on a team in his own age group. (the U-6) but they decided to put him on the same team as aj (U-8). we weren't sure how he would do, but he did great, and scored his very first goal!!! it was so sweet after ry scored, aj ran over and gave him a huge hug! they are such great brothers to each other, and i love watching them together! aj scored 5!! (i have to admit, we are kind of used to that now!!)also, aj will be trying out for the seacoast united junior soccer team in a couple of weeks. he's just like his daddy!! they won 11-1, and we were very proud parents! not only are we proud of how athletic they are, but also so proud of their attitudes, and their very good examples to everyone. parents have already noticed a difference. it's amazing what God does in a life!! here are a few pics of their first game.

Monday, September 01, 2008

9th annual labor day picnic at dover point

this was the 9th year in a row that we have all gone to dover point and had a picnic on labor day. each year is a little different, as far as who comes, but we always have a great time. last year ronnie and bobbi were there, but the curriers weren't. this year, ronnie and bobbi weren't but the currier's were! and this year, my grandmother on my dad's side was there, and my grandfather and his wife on my mom's side were there too! grammy treated us all with boston market!!! wow - i like this new tradition!! it made it so nice for all of us wives who usually have to pack all the food, prepare the fireplaces and grill! it was another beautiful day, and the boys had a great time playing football together, and the girls looked at old pictures and just talked. another great year. the only thing missing...ronnie and bobbi :( maybe next year!!

apple picking

i love the fall...everything about it! i love the cool, crisp weather, the apple picking, apple pies and apple crisp, football, sweatshirt weather and deerfield fair. fall is the best! mel and chad were up for the weekend, so my parents, and them with the four of us all went apple picking saturday. it was a beautiful, sunny day, and we had a great time! of course, my dad had to do a little juggling demonstration while we were there!

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