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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

more about soccer

i meant to put these pictures on first, because they were from the boys practice on friday night. also, wanted to show the cleats! we realized when we brought out the cleats from last year, that the boys feet have definately grown! put that one in the budget!! so we went to olympia in epping hoping to find something there. unfortunately, they didn't have anything in aj's size, and the only pair in ry's size he didn't like! (you know, we pretty much let our kids get whatever they "like" haha) so i went to manchester in the hopes of finding something pretty easily, and hopefully inexpensive! we found a pair that aj loved in his size (3 1/2 and YES he is only 7!!), so we bought those, but they didn't have any size 11 1/2's for riley. i went to sulleys soccer, and found a great pair that he loved! great, right? wrong. we got home, and they both started playing in them and everything was fine until aj said that his feet "absolutely killed". hmmm...i saw that it wasn't just because they were new, but nike's do tend to run narrow, so i was like i guess we have to take them back. but i was a little nervous, because they were white cleats, and were now a litle green, and i couldn't get it offff!! i called olympia where we had bought them, and they said i could still return them. well, this is friday morning, and the boys had practice friday night! i decided to just bring them back to the epping olympia and check one more time to see if they had a pair to exchange in aj's size. we prayed before we went in. (small sentence, but key point) aj found this great pair of adidas ones that he really liked, but the worker said, ooohhh...i only have one pair of these left in the store. they are a size 3 1/2. wow. is God good or what??!! we were so excited and reminded again of how God takes care of His children!! Thank you God!!


  1. awww...way too cute!! i love those boys so much.

  2. look at those handsome boys. :)

  3. They're such cuties!!!
    How's school? Post how it's going... I saw your note about doorpost (hmmm, was that the name of it? Now I can't remember!)...I went online and looked it up and had them send me a catalog so I can see some of their materials.
    We'll have to get these boys all together sometime! Maybe for a "field trip?" Even a hike over here at a nearby trail for leaf collecting or something one day. Anyway, HI! Love ya; talk to you later!


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