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Saturday, July 30, 2011

the 2-year-old and the analogy

i am working on this little project that just kind of came to me...i will share more on that as i get closer to completing it!
as i was working on it, i needed to find a notebook.
i have about 672.
not really, but pretty close.
over the years i have written a lot of (unfinished) songs, taken notes from church, and other conferences and... just journaled.

sometimes i write little devotionals with analogies that i come up with in my head.
here is one that i found that i had written back in 2003.
thought i would share it here!

The other night, my 2-year-old son called me up to his room after i had put him to bed...as he often does.
when i walked up, he looked at me with those big blue eyes and said "pray with me". 

my heart melted. any irritation i had felt from running up the stairs was instantly forgotten. i sat on the floor next to his bed, and he put his little arms around me and he said "you're the best mommy". 
i spent the next five minutes rubbing his head, and telling him over and over how much i loved him and how special he is to me. wouldn't any mom?

can you imagine if he had blocked his ears to tune me out while i loved on him and adored him?
he would have missed out on all those feelings of happiness and contentment!

you are God's precious child. 

he loves and honors you. (isaiah 43:4)

you are tuning out all of God's praise on you when you don't spend that alone time with him!

know how much he loves you! 

let him tell you!

listen to Him!

give him the chance to be next to you today and tell you over and over how much he loves you and how special you are to him! 

he won't get irritated when he hears you calling Him!

*suggested reading Isaiah 40

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


i have spent a lot of time with teenagers in my life.
for the past 12 years, i have been a youth leader (sometimes with a group of other adults, sometimes just me and adam) at my church.

when i first started, my desire was to be an encouragement to the "churched" teens, in particular.
sometimes, it felt like people were so focused on helping the teens who were getting into trouble, or the ones who had gone through really hard childhoods, that they were kind of overlooking the ones who were...

i don't know how to say it...

not that i would necessarily categorize myself as normal, by any means. ha.

but you know...my parents were still married,
i was raised going to church,
i wasn't into drugs and drinking,

so i was just...


i really wanted other teenage girls, growing up in "normal" homes to understand that obeying God was the best way...i had done it! so could they!

i wanted them to know that there was still someone who was going to be there for them.

i had a lot of youth leaders in my life come and go.

a lot.

it seemed like (and still does, in my opinon)
that a lot of people just "do" youth group as another thing to do,
or a lot of times..

see it as a stepping stool to get to the "real" job - senior pastor! ha
so where does that leave the teens?

my goal was to be a youth leader at this church, and basically?

never stop.

so here i still am.

not really young, and cool and hip anymore, but still doing the same thing!

and i still have the desire to show teenagers that living a life that is pleasing to God is always...always the best way! no matter what other people, who are not doing so, try to convince them!

i recently heard this quote

God is misrepresented by those who don't even know Him.

when i heard it, i started getting really irritated!!

i thought..ya know what? that is so true!! how dare they?!?

people who  know nothing about who God is at all...

are the ones who are saying you shouldn't believe in Him!

He is unloving,

He is unmerciful,

He is unjust,

and that's just not fair.

they don't even know him! how can they be saying that?

if someone who wasn't friends with adam tried to convince everyone around them of what a terrible person he was..i would be livid! how dare they?

it's the same with God.

if you don't know him.

maybe you shouldn't be talking bad about him!

my question is...

if not this?
then what?

if not heaven after death?
then what?

if not a creator that has a plan and purpose for my life?
then what?

what are the other options?
why AM i here?
where AM i going to be when i die?

if i have nothing to fall back on...then where does that leave me?

where do i find my answers?

JESUS is the answer.
He is the one who is the author of life, and i absolutely love the incredible peace that i can live my life with!

that is what i am going to continue to tell other teens...and other people!

and that is what i am telling you.

don't let someone's misrepresentation of who God is determine who YOU think he is!

find out for yourself.

i promise you this...

you won't be disappointed!

facebook dilema

a friend of mine recently got me thinking about the question that i have heard people ask before.

how old should my kid be, before i let him get a facebook account?

seems like a valid question, right?

i mean...i feel like i am forever getting friend requests from 9 and 10-year-old kids!

while my boys have never even asked for a facebook account, i decided to do a little research.

you know, on the company rules.

this is what i found:

In order to be eligible to sign up for Facebook, users must be thirteen (13) years of age or older.

well. i found that pretty interesting.

so...here's the question.

what are your views on keeping rules?

i mean, you might think i'm totally crazy and a bit extreme to be looking at it like this, but hey..
let's face it. 
you already thought i was totally crazy and a bit extreme anyways!

think about it.

the rules of the company facebook say that you can't have an account unless you are 13.

in order to let your child have an account, would you have to lie about their birthdate?

well then..if the rules of your child's teacher is that they can not talk without raising their hand...what does that really mean?

...if the rules of the company that they are going to work for in a few years say that you can only take 15 minute breaks...what does that really mean?

if the rules of the state of nh say that you have to be 21 before you can drink alcohol...
what does that really mean?

if you are willing to bend the rules for one thing...

how in the world will we ever know that our kids will have the discretion to not bend the rules on every single thing?

really!! where do you draw the line??

i have heard the quote

what parents do in moderation, children will do in excess.


i think so.

i, for one,
want to be teaching my kids right from the start, that we are responsible to abide by rules that businesses and our government, and our SELVES have set up!

and if we bend on this...

who's to say they won't start bending on other, more "important" things!

so when your son or daughter asks you if they can have a facebook account?

how about you be the mom that says...

hey, let's check out what the rules are, and go from there.
i mean, after all...
a rule is a rule.

and don't we want our kids to be keeping the rules?

for their own good?

i know i do!

*oh, and if they try the...every other 10-year-old has one?
i give you permission to drop my name...and my 10-year-old that does NOT have one!

let's work together, moms...to be raising responsible, respectful kids!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


i know everyone calls him ron now,
but he's still ronnie to me.

and probably always will be.

and of course, bobbi likes to make me look like a mean sister-in-law by hacking into my facebook :)
but it was pretty funny, and clearly, she found it hysterical...as seen in the picture below! haha!

he's always been a great little brother...
well, except for the times when i used to babysit him, 
and he hated me. but after that...

Monday, July 25, 2011

flash from the past

this always makes me smile to hear this little tiny voice.
ry always hated shopping...still does!

can't get enough

of her cuteness!!

my brother, bobbi and lilla came to visit this weekend, and i couldn't resist getting a few shots of my gorgeous niece!

Friday, July 22, 2011

we're havin' a heat waaavve...

so incredibly super hot here!

very thankful that we have some amazing friends who let us use their pool today!
the boys had a blast (and so did i!)

thank you john and liz!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

a few things i love about the lake

the boys get lots of fresh air

i get to sit in the sun, read, and watch the boys play together
(and lose to a game of rock, paper, scissors off the dock!)

they aren't asking me for a snack every 10 minutes

it's free

(this is aj playing the trumpet and "falling off") ha

it takes us all away from reality for a little bit


the other day, we found out that tdbank has a summer reading program.
if your child reads 10 books this summer, they will deposit 10.00 into a savings account for them!

as soon as riley heard that, he decided that he would be a reader.

keep in mind, he has HATED reading.


last week, i opened my bedroom door to find this.

that's all it took??

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

for now...

i had to share this

and this...

i will share more about our day at alton bay later.

i hate religion

religion really irritates me.

i'm not trying to be judgmental towards religious people, but there is just something about it.

a few weeks ago, i got a new keyboard.
it is so nice!
weighted keys.
it is amazing, and i LOVE it.

i have not had a piano ever since we moved to epping 5 years ago, and i have missed it so much!


when we bought it, i came home and opened up the enormous box, and out fell all the little pieces.
the stand
the pedals
the screws...

and everything else.

along with it was an instruction manual.

directly from casio.
mr. casio himself.
(actually, turns out the technical name is カシオ計算機株式会社...but whatever.)

so. i started reading the manual. 

it made sense.

you know, once i flipped through the 27 pages of other languages!

and there it was.

step 1.
step 2.
etc. etc.

i really didn't have a problem reading through it. 
and following the instructions.

i mean, i really wanted to play the keyboard.
i was so excited about it, that i actually made sure i followed the steps exactly.

it didn't even cross my mind to disgustedly throw the manual down,
and start saying...i can not believe these close-minded, know-it-all inventors.

who in the world do they think they are to try and tell me how to put together my keyboard??
this is just full of rules, rules, rules.
don't put this screw in first, do put the left side on first...enough already!

i also didn't start questioning who really created this keyboard.
i mean...i wasn't there when it was made!
who's to say there wasn't an explosion in japan and all of a sudden.
a keyboard!

are you starting to pick up what i'm laying down?

why is that a common reaction with people who pick up a Bible?

why can't it just be thought of as...

i know i didn't create myself.

i am waay too complex to have just appeared thanks to an explosion (which came from...??)

so what else is there to do than to believe that God created me? 
and along with that...gave a manual.

you know, an instruction manual.

not filled with rules, rules, rules.

but filled with instructions to make sure that i am put together properly. 
and that i function the way i was created and designed to function!

so. yes.

i hate religion. i hate being accused of being religious.

i love that i have a relationship with a real God.
who is kind enough to give me directions on how to put my life together.

so that when i follow step 1, step 2 and step 3.

i, like my keyboard, can play beautiful music.

Monday, July 11, 2011

the opposite of fear

i remember my junior year of college...
laying in my bed and playing this song over and over.

i don't know why i loved it so much, but i remember just laying in my bed crying as me and my roommates listened to it!

i remember thinking about the part that says...

rest easy
have no fear
i love you perfectly
love drives out fear

there is a verse in 1 John 4:18 that says this

There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear...

i have contemplated this verse so many times.
i have never thought of love as the opposite of fear!
i would maybe think of courage as driving out fear.
or bravery.
or strength.

but love?

why love?

this is it.

God is love.

our definition of love comes from who God is!

if we feel unloved, the thing that we are comparing how we should be feeling to...

is God's love!!

God's love is perfect.

if we realize that God loves us perfectly...

is always kind and patient,

doesn't keep a record of my sins,

always wants good for me, never gives up and never ends?

and this love.
from a God that is unchanging and unsurpassably powerful.

towards me...

tell me this.

what in the world could i possible be fearful of?

and that explains my question!

resting in a love like this 

leaves me with a peace that can not be explained

and the fear



whatever you are afraid of right now....

compare it to the love that an amazing Father has for you.

and tonight?

rest easy.

because the opposite of fear?

is love.

and not just any love!

God's love!

Saturday, July 09, 2011

track meets and multiple pictures

aj's track meet was wednesday

we were planning to be there the entire day, so riley brought his playmobile stuff to keep him busy!

ruthie was nice enough to play with him to make him happy!

isn't she beautiful? 
i love her.

aj did great in his events and qualified for the state competition in all three!

our friends from church competed too, so it was fun to get to watch them!

hannah was sweet enough to do a "race" with riley, since he is not old enough to be on the team yet!

it was a LONG day, so we treated the boys by taking them to our favorite place to swim

i think they had a little bit of fun!!

tonight was the state finals.

our friend jeremiah competed in the mile, and he did great!

aj could only compete in 2 events, and since he qualified for 3, he got to choose which ones he wanted to do. he chose the softball throw and the long jump.

my parents and bryce came to watch...

my boys are very blessed to have people in their lives that love them so much.
my mom got a little excited with the cheering!! (which i loved)

*sorry i forgot to get pictures with you, mom and dad!

aj got his best jump ever - 6'8".

he came in 2nd place in both events!
we are so proud of him...

not only because he is very gifted athletically,
but because he is a sensitive, godly boy who wants to please God with everything he does.

i love my aj!

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