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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Homeschooling a 7th grade boy and living to tell about it.

One thing I have figured out about myself this week.
Getting up at 6:45 is just not going to cut it.

I believe I will be setting my alarm for more like 5:00 to be able to accomplish what I need to get done.
I have a 7th grader now.
Long gone are the days when I would feel totally comfortable hiking for the day and calling it science.
Oh wait...I never hiked.
Long gone are the days when I would feel totally comfortable going to the beach for the day and calling it science.
Ya...that is more like it. ha.

Anyways. AJ is kind of like a big boy now, so homeschooling takes on a whole entire new life of its own.
This life?
Looks like me being in the school room for hours helping him with his work.
Now...understand a couple things I am NOT complaining about:

1. Being with my kids. I hope that if you know anything about me at this point it is that I would choose being with my kids more than just about anyone else. For real.
2. The fact that I have a school room!!!!! The enormity of that very sentence is not lost on me!
For the last six years, I would dream about the day when I would have a real live room that I could actually call school room! (Well..now, it is kind of also taco's room. That is except for the times that taco thinks the entire house is her kingdom and every room is hers.)

So. all of that to say.
I am not complaining. It's just that today was long and while it was very productive on many levels, I felt like I had totally failed.
Just keeping it real.
I had had a great time with my Bible...although now that I am thinking back. I was out of creamer for my coffee!! That must have been where everything started to unravel!
And then...I just started doing a million things and realizing that I would never complete everything I wanted to complete.

AJ was needing help with his math and was getting frustrated.
Sometimes, this causes a chain reaction.
I started getting frustrated that he was frustrated and then you know what happened next.
The chocolate chips from the kitchen started screaming my name.
Dude. No lie. They know how to call me.

So anyways.
Next thing I know, I see AJ going into the sun room.
And I think to myself...What in the world does he think he's doing?! There is no way he is done with his math yet!
I look in and see this.

That is one smart boy.
He knew where he needed to go when he started feeling frustrated.
After he read his Bible he definitely had a better outlook and things got a bit easier.

And so our new lives are filled to the brim with the likes of this
(Excuse the picture quality. I was in no mood to get my camera out, so I just used my iphone. Good enough to make my point.)

And...for all of you mocking me because of the latin book you see.
Go ahead.
I deserve it.
I know what I said about latin in the past. But it is just part of this curriculum so I am going with it.
That's the end of that.

Hoping to get to bed early tonight, get up early tomorrow and hopefully get everything done that I have planned.

How's your week looking? I would love to hear all about it.


  1. Our week is going pretty much the same! I'm thinking right about now- HOW did i think we were going to have school in the mornings and afternoons off?? That's NOT what is happening. Hopefully we'll get into a swing?

    1. Right?!? We better get into a swing, or I may find myself driving up Maine to meet my friend joni at the beach for a science day!! :)

  2. I was also out of coffee cream this morning! It definitely started the downward spiral on the day. Nate got his school work done on his own. That does not mean it is complete, done correctly or even done at all. It means that I could not even look at it. Tomorrow is a new day! "The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness!" Praise God!

    1. no way!! My sister was out of creamer too!! haha...how funny! What an incredible truth...so thankful for those new mercies!! xo

  3. sherried10:47 PM

    I don't homeschool and I doubt I could handle it if given the chance. This wk has been pretty good for us, esp since it's only 4 days at work! I was a bit overwhelmed when I had to miss work on Fri for a crazy rash my lil one had. That means I won't get paid for Fri or Mon bc I missed the day before a holiday. That's 2 days unpaid on this nxt paycheck. Also, my food stamps have been reduced and the price I pay on prescriptions is going up. I was freaking out a lil too much and not trusting nearly enough. Then tonight at church Sky made this pic of Abraham and Isaac and at the bottom it said...God provided. WHY on earth do I ever doubt Him???

    1. Don't you love how the most simple of reminders...the most simple truths, are the ones we so easily forget? Praying that everything works out and that God continues to bless you. Love you Sherrie! xo

  4. This was awesome. Crazy. Big time 7th grader. He is so smart and so wise. Him turning to the bible like that, makes me a proud aiyah. And I am soo thankful you have a school room. Praying for you~ you can do it!


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