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Friday, September 20, 2013

I am good enough

The perfect exercise schedule.
The perfect meal plans.
The perfect family.
The perfect house.
The perfect life...
All of those things are what other people have, right?
You see their instagram posts of their world travels.
You see their status updates of the romantic getaway their husband just took them on.
You see the newly pinned perfectly decorated dream house.

And you get that feeling in your stomach that may be a passing feeling or may linger much longer than you want to admit.
Either way you start feeling like you're not pretty enough, not skinny enough, not rich enough...just not good enough!

Have you ever felt that?
Like you were failing as a...

I have to think that if I have times of feeling this way, you must have times of that as well.

So. my encouragement to you today is this..
stop it.
No...seriously. It is not healthy, not helpful and not Biblical!

What DOES God say about us anyways?
Well he says you were wonderfully made.
He says that You are chosen, beloved.
He says that he cares so much about you that he keeps all your tears in a bottle.
He says that he loves you. 
He loves me!
If God feels that way about me then why am I trying to do more, to make more, to be more?
He thinks I'm good enough.
He thinks you're good enough.
So you know what? It doesn't matter if you consider me good enough. 
I already am.
And when I get a hold of that thought it gives me incredible peace and amazing rest.

Because it's tiring trying to please everyone.
It's exhausting trying to live up to everyone else's expectations.
It's discouraging to try and make my life as good as yours.
Let your standard be God, and His expectations of you...no one else's.
You are good enough. He said it.
Believe that and then you can relax.
Then you can experience that peace. That peace that everyone craves. It's there for you but you need to stop working and just accept it. Claim it.

So stop it!
Stop comparing yourself to everyone else.
Stop allowing your thoughts to condemn you.
Stop believing lies that say you aren't good enough.
You ARE good enough.
Believe it. Live today in the rest that Jesus promises to give you. 
Then go get a bowl of ice cream to celebrate. And bring me some too.


  1. Thanks Rachelle...as always!! <3

  2. Great reminders. And wish we could have a bowl of ice cream together~

  3. Brenda G.7:29 PM

    I would have never thought YOU felt like that too, from over here you look pretty fabulous to me!

    But thank you, I am working on this and needed the reminder!


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