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Monday, September 23, 2013

Apples and Spice and Everything Nice...and some killer boots

ok. ok. I know that the saying is sugar and spice and everything nice.
But come on...it is FALL!!
My favorite time of year, hands down.
And what screams fall more than apples, spice and BOOTS?!

So...I am excited to be offering my very first Apple Orchard Minis!

I found this adorable little orchard in Chester called Hazleton Orchards.
I checked it out yesterday and I am telling you right now...it. is. perfect.

Can't you just picture your adorable little family here?!
So...here are the details

Now...I only have a few spots left so you have to email me real quick if you want to get in on this!

For many of you who have asked me for ideas on what to wear?
Honestly...and don't laugh, but -
The first thing I tell people is look at what color your living room is.
(or whatever room you plan to get canvases or big prints for)
And try to match your outfits accordingly!

I know it sounds weird, but your photography is like art.
You want it to go along with your decorating in your home!

I have put together a little pinterest board to give you some ideas...you can look at it here.
I always recommend a few things.

*Don't go too far outside of your comfort zone.
If your family hates dressing up, don't get them all fancied up.  You want it to look natural.

*Don't be afraid of color!
Neutrals with little pops of color with scarves, tights or vests can look awesome!

*Don't feel obligated to use color!
These are YOUR family photos. They are going to be on display at YOUR house.
Just because everyone might be saying that you should wear bright colors does not mean you have to!
Again...you want it to look natural!

*By all means, wear your boots! Mainly, because I love boots and I want to see what you have! ha!

And finally...for those of you who have little ones.
Don't get stressed out before your session!
Bring some little snacks for bribery...nothing wrong with that. Don't worry - I work in a judge-free zone!
And feel free to bring along a favorite blanky or stuffed animal.

And whether you have little ones or not -

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  1. Love this!! What a beautiful place. These sessions are going to be awesome. Can't wait to see the peaks! And I loved the tips and suggestions!


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