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Thursday, September 05, 2013

Why I Don't Need to be Like You: My Writing Without Social Media

What my writing would look like if I didn't have access to social media

I have been thinking about this for the last couple of weeks.
I have been very aware of something that I have never really noticed before.
I have been aware of what my feelings start doing when I see blogs, status updates, instagram posts or pinterest boards by a number of different people.

I started to wonder...
Would my blog posts look the same if I never saw these things?
What about my thoughts, words and actions?
How much is all this affecting me?

I mean. God made me to be Rachelle Dawn Chase. 
(Well, there is a whoooollleee long story to what my actual, real live name is. Maybe I will do a post some day on the fact that my passport, my licence, my birth certificate and my taxes all have different names on them. ha)

According to Jeremiah 29:11, God promises to have plans for me...Rachelle.
Before you think I'm being prideful, He has plans for you too.
But they are different than His plans for me!
I know this may not seem like rocket science and at this point you are probably thinking...
Wow Rachelle..Desperate for material, are we?
But seriously.
When I sit down and think about what my goals are for my family.
What my goals are for my business.
What my goals are for my ministries.
And even what my goals are for my personal life...

Am I allowing God to show me what He wants for me?

Or am I getting my dreams confused with what your dreams are?

Recently, I sat across from another photographer friend of mine who told me that she was charging literally triple what I was charging for my senior photography. She only lives about 10 minutes from me, and is servicing the same schools. 
(And I think you are totally awesome Anna!)

That same week I found out that 2 other photographer friends of mine were featured in magazines.

I also saw that another friend of mine was going to be guest speaker at a photography conference.

Besides the obvious fact that I have some pretty awesomely amazing friends, I started to think to myself...oh man! I wish I could get more money for my photography. I wish I could be featured in a magazine, I wish I was asked to speak at a conference.

Then.I thought. Wait. 
Do I even want that? Did I ever even want to be in a magazine, or did I just start thinking it because my friends were? 
Did I ever really want to be known for my photography business, or do I now just think it's a good idea because my friends are known for that.

It can go further than my business. 
It becomes this ridiculous comparing game that is really nothing more than complete insanity.
I mean that is really what it is.

The decorating. The DIY projects. The clothes. The...wait for it...Christian life!
Yes. I said it because you were all thinking it but didn't want to admit it.
We can even let ourselves get confused about how to live our very Christian lives when we are spending too much time reading other people's thoughts.
I suddenly want to start a program, or run an event, or teach my kids a certain lesson, and on and on 
annnnd on it goes.
And honestly? It never ends.
Would I even be thinking about half the things I think about if I had no social media?

Did you know that God promises to speak to His children?
Now...I absolutely believe that God can use other people to speak.
But the primary way God wants to speak to us is through His Word. 
It happens in our very own quiet, personal time with Him.
That time that includes nothing but silence, a Bible, maybe a notebook (but not the cute, sparkly one that Joe Shmoe is using and blogging about!) and that's it.

God doesn't promise to yell to us.
He doesn't promise to put a huge sign in front of us with His plans all spelled out.
He might even be whispering. 
But ya know when you are really intent on listening to someone? 
Maybe they are speaking quietly and maybe there is a lot of other noise in the room.
You do what you have to do. You lean forward. 
You consciously block out the other noise and you look straight at the person talking and you just. listen.

That is what God has been telling me to do.
He has been telling me to stop dreaming about being just like you.
No offense.
He has been telling me to stop moving, stop planning, stop carrying all the weight of everything.
He has told me to stop trying to raise my kids like you are raising yours.
To stop expecting my husband to act like your husband is.
To stop dressing the way you are dressing.
To stop running my business the way you are running your business.

And to start listening better.
To block out every other loud, bright, pretty, sparkly, perfectly organized noise.
Because my life?
Is supposed to be running the way God has planned it to run!

My life is going to look different than your pinterest board, your blog, your website and your life.

And that is totally fine.
Because your life? Is going to look different than my pinterest board, my blog, my website, and my life. (Lucky for you!)

I  want my writing to be coming from what my thoughts have been, which have come from what God is teaching me...not only what I have been reading about you!

Don't get me wrong. I love reading your blogs, I love seeing what you pin, and what your vacations look like...it even doesn't bother me to see what you are eating.
But I just want to make sure that I am not allowing all of those things to clutter my mind so much that I start losing sight of what God wants for me.

I don't need to be like you.
I need to be like me.
And my writing should reflect that.

I hope I am not the only one who struggles with this. 
If you don't have any problem with the ole comparison game? Then great! You don't have to change a thing!
But...if you do?
Stop it right now! Be happy to live the life God has given you! 
Use the gifts he has given you to be the person he wants you to be.
And listen to Him! 
Maybe His plans for you are going to involve an amazing road that you could never dream of.

Can I get a what what??

But seriously...I need some help with designing my blog and tons of help with The Porch! Ironic, right?!


  1. bravo for saying that. made me think :) and definitely right up my alley.


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