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Tuesday, September 03, 2013

My BHAG... It's pretty Hairy.

I can remember it like it was just yesterday.
I was a freshman at Liberty University  sitting in the Vines Center listening to the booming voice of 
Dr. Falwell as he told his story. 
I'm pretty sure he had told it 2.7 million times before, but the way he spoke you would think he was telling it for the very first time.

He talked about his BHAG

Yep...this was the first time I had been introduced to the "word" bhag.
Big Hairy Audacious Goal.

He told about how his dream had started.
With a dream.
A dream and faith in his Big God.

He inspired me.
He showed what action-based faith can really do.

It was after one of those inspirational talks that I remember going to a place overlooking the mountains, and just asking God to tell me what He wanted me to do.
I wanted to do huge things for God.
I wanted to make a difference.
And I wanted to dream big.

I started dreaming about a lot...
I filled notebooks with a ton of stuff over the next few years.
Ideas, passions, dreams, goals, maybe-kind-of-crazy-plans.

While they were all very different, they were all based on one major theme:

I wanted to live my life showing people how they could find the love of an incredible God who could change. their. lives.

And every once in a while, I pick up my notebook.
I look over the things I have dreamed up.
Some of these dreams I am living out. 
Some still need more planning, more dreaming and more action.

I am always just a little bit afraid that I am spending too much time on things that don't have eternal value.
I am always just a little bit afraid that the things I get the most worked up about are not worth wasting my thoughts over. at all.
I am always just a little bit afraid that I am missing something.
And I want to stay that way.

See..the thing is, I think if I get too comfortable in anything, I won't push myself any further.
I do not want that.

I was incredibly challenged by the sermon that I heard my dad preach this past Sunday.
It was a message about Caleb.
You can read his story in Joshua 24.

Caleb was a man of passion. Of vision. Of incredible faith.
He believed that God didn't want him to get too comfortable.
He believed that God was able to do incredibly more than we could ever ask or even imagine (Eph. 3:20)
He asked God for great things...and God gave great things!
I want that to be said of ME!

I do not want to get too comfortable... because if I get too comfortable? It will lead to 

While I do believe that surrounding ourselves with people who are inspirational can be beneficial. 
And I do believe that spending time with other like minded people is biblical and wise...
I also think that surrounding ourselves with people has the potential to be harmful.

I am not going to get into this in too much detail right now, because I have another post coming about 
"What my writing would look like if I didn't have access to social media"

I just want to be so focused on MY bhag.
Not yours...no offense.
I want my big hairy audacious goal to be exactly that. 
MY goal.

So. I don't even want to tell you what is in my notebook.
I want to encourage you to go and get your own notebook!
Go spend some time with God and ask Him to show you what He wants you to do.

Write down your bhag.
Make a goal that scares you a little bit.
Make a goal that makes you nervous to share it because it seems too big.
If you can easily share it with anyone who comes along? 

Maybe it's not quite big enough.

Make it bigger. It has to be big and hairy to be a bhag.
I am getting excited. I am pumped up.
I have a feeling that something bigger than I could ever even imagine is about to happen.
I can not wait to see what God has planned.
Because I have to tell ya.

My bhag is pretty hairy.


  1. Amazing!!!! I love you so much. For real.

    1. Oh...if only you could ever comprehend how much I love YOU!! xo

  2. Tremendous post! I heard the sermon by Dr. F! Plus I believe my Bible! We have a BIG GOD!!!

    1. Thanks dad :) Love being on the same team!

  3. i had a lecture on BHAGs today haha! very inspiring:)

    1. Love it Bri!! LLLLL UUUUUU!!!!


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