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Friday, September 13, 2013

New Jersey better watch its back...

So you know that I have this thing...
This obnoxious need to have my family close to me.

I remember feeling this way even when I was little.
There would be a snow storm. And I would only feel happy, peaceful, content - when our entire family was home...including the dog.


So when Adam and I found ourselves, whose families both grew up in NH, completely void of siblings in our area, we were all like...what?
Where'd everybody go?

How in the world am I supposed to sleep at night?
Things didn't feel right.
Things were just not right.

And so I decided to give Philadelphia a piece of my mind -

Who do you think you are, taking my brother away? And what's that now? You plan to keep my sister-in-law and nieces too? Think again bad boy. This is not ok with me.
Next thing ya know?
My brother and his family moves back to New England.

Well, that seemed to work pretty well...
Let's see how Virginia takes it!
So I gave Richmond the what for.
I was all...uh.uh.
My sister? AND my brother-in-law? And you would believe 7 nieces and nephews? Oh no you ditten!.
You can not be serious.
They will not stay, and that is that.

So they said peace out to Virginia and  headed North.

So now.
New Jersey? You had better watch. your. back.
You took my baby sister...again with a brother-in-law and now a nephew and niece?
You have got to be pulling on my leg. 
Did you not see what I did to Richmond and Philly? 
Does that mean nothing to you? Come off it.
Don't even make me get ugly.

And now then.
New York is next, followed by Florida and Iowa who apparently think the cool thing to do is take all of the Chase side of the family.

It's not my fault my family is so amazing!
I just can't sit back and do nothing.
I hope New Jersey can read, cuz this is about to go viral.
All up in here.

Please take note: I have some pretty amazing friends in the above mentioned states, and this post is not intended to be taken wrong by any of them.  Any usage of this post to be held against Rachelle Chase without her written authorized consent is prohibited. All rights reserved. Copyright by Rachelle Chase. 

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  1. Thank you for giving NJ the what for. It's not listening to me!!! We have got to be next to move. There is no option. I really hope and pray God will bring us back together. I hate living so far away:( it makes me so sad. xoxo


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