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Friday, September 27, 2013

A day at the fayuh

If you're from New England, you know that fairs are pronounced fay-uhs.
So our fair of choice is the Dee-uh-field fay-uh.
It's the best there is, their ain't no bettah.

My intention for this year was to go through with my camera and show a photojournalistic view of our day at the fair.
And then I woke up feeling miserable.
And so I brought my camera, but kept it in my bag for the majority of the day.
My head, even as I type, feels like it very well may explode.
I am all stuffed up, and am pretty sure I have a fever.
I told Adam that the majority of people feeling the way I feel would have been in bed for the last 6 hours...Not walking around a fair, coming home and going to a photo shoot, picking up AJ from soccer and then standing in the kitchen making dinner.

He appreciates it, although I'm not positive he appreciates me telling him that he should appreciate me. ha!

Anyways...back to the fair.
It was a beautiful day and we met my brother and his family, and my parents there first thing in the morning.
I can only justify eating a donut one time a year, and this is one of them.
And when I say donut, I mean donut!
This bad boy is amazing...

And then we watch the horse show, and I say...I am going to have horses someday.
And Adam smiles and nods...he is a smart boy. Just keeps my dreams alive.

We never do the rides, but we went today to watch sweet Lilla ride!

Then I made people pose. Because I'm like that.
Then we watched a magic show, and Adam and the boys thought it was hilarious, and I mostly liked watching them laugh.
And then we ate lunch...AJ and Adam got cheese steak subs, Ry got chicken fingers and I got a cheeseburger. We sat down and ate with my parents, and I made them pose for me too.
Jeez Rachelle, right?!
And then we walked around and looked at all the concession buildings, and then we watched some huss pullin. (horse pulling, for the lay person)
And then I would normally get a Pat's apple crisp, which is hands down the best apple crisp ever.
But I was feeling so miserable that I just wanted to get home and be able to lay down for 10 minutes before my shoot!

And now, I want to go back to the fair just so I can get the apple crisp.
But I'm still pretty miserable so I think I will just chill.
It won't kill me, and there is always next year.
This was not at all the post I envisioned in my mind before today, but for now it will have to do.
I love me some family time, and I love me some Deerfield Fair!
Maybe next year I will do what I wanted to do this year.
And hopefully next year, we will have a lot more Curriers and Wamplers in my pictures!!

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  1. So sad to miss the fair this year. And of course it was NOT raining the one year we miss. Next year, fingers crossed, we'll be there. That donut. Yumm!!! Love these pictures!


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