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Monday, September 09, 2013

crazy town and all that jazz

It's that time of year.
You keep thinking things are going to slow down, but you realize that without your giving it any permission, your life has gone in fast forward crazy town mode.
And here you are.
Ready or not.
Sitting right in the middle of crazy town and all that jazz.

Since pulling the cover over your head and staying in bed long after your alarm has gone off is not really an option? 
You have 2 options left:

1.Whine loudly, groan a little and crawl out of bed at the last possible minute. Rush around like crazy and start your day just hoping to make it through.

2. Wake up and start praying. Literally. Start thanking God for everything he's given you...health, a place to live, clothing, family. Then put some music on. Ya know...the kind of music that makes you want to just drop everything and raise your hands and belt it out! This morning mine was Great I am by Philips Craig and dean. And I have to tell you something. Your day starts differently! 

It's your choice. Are you going to have a peaceful, thankful, joyful kind of day? Or are you going to have stressful, complaining, irritated kind if day?

I love thinking of this fact:
Every single morning God had a whole new ton of mercy for me!

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.

Another one of my favorite reminders...
The weaker I am, the stronger God is.
Yep...so when I am feeling oh so ever loving weak?
That is actually a good sign, because it means God's power is made perfect.

And I know I'm not alone.
I have talked to so many people lately who have told me...
their life is in turmoil, they are so overwhelmed, they are so tired, they are exhausted...
guess what?
The only way we can ever have perfect peace is when our life is secure in our relationship with God.

That's it.
So rest in knowing that He is powerful.
And remember that tomorrow morning when you wake up, God is going to heap a whole lot of mercies all over you.

I know I'm gonna need them!
So let me be your cheerleader..
You can do it! Hang in there! We're in this together! You're gonna make it!

oh ya, and may I recommend starbucks coffee for that extra little kick?
I mean, I love dunkins and all but I gotta say - if you want to start shaking it up a little bit. And I mean that literally...starbucks is the way to go.




  1. Love this so much. xo

  2. Let me be YOUR cheerleader! The Lord knows the exact amount of mercy and grace you will need for each day - He plans your day and He executes it! I know you will bring Him glory - today! Love you - mom c

    1. Thanks for cheering me on!! :)


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