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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My crockpot + your recipes = saving my life

I need some help.
Here's my dilemma.

I know how to cook - my  mom was a great teacher and is a great cook herself.
I am just not feeling it!
For starters, my family is fairly picky, which makes things a little more difficult.
I thought that once I had a kitchen I loved, which I now do, I would love cooking.
Turns out? Not so much.
Here is my basic menu plan.
day 1- chicken and mashed potatoes
day 2 - chicken and noodles
day 3 - pasta
day 4 - potato soup
Ok...maybe it's not that bad, but it's pretty bad!

The problems? Nobody (except for me) likes seafood.
I  know, crazy. Give me scallops, lobster and fish any day of the week!

Nobody loves rice, although they eat it if they have to.
Adam eats 3 vegetables. peas, corn and...potatoes! ha!
Ry would eat no vegetables at all if I allowed it.

Adam and AJ don't really like cheese..so lasagna is never made in this house, which again - I LOVE!
(Thank you Dawna for making some for The Porch dinner, because I saved out 3 pieces and brought them home with me!)

And I am just sick and tired of cooking things that I don't even like eating!
Pinterest is nice and all? But it can be a little bit overwhelming, and let's face it...no one really knows for sure if these recipes are actually any good.

I have a crockpot, and I would love to use it more.

Here's where you come in.

I need recipes, people.
And I need them now.

See how my crockpot + your recipes = saving my life?!?

Please - I am literally on my  knees right now begging you to leave a comment with a recipe that I can have!
I don't think I can take another meal of chicken and potatoes.

Actually, I have to run - the potatoes might be boiling over.
So go! go! go!


  1. Wow..makes it tough. Do they like beans? You could throw some various beans in crock with chicken sausage ...I also put chicken in crock with soy or teriyaki sauce whatever I think of at the time...add a can of chunk pineapples juice and all I like to serve with rice but noodles could work.

    I've made chicken in crock with onion, cream of mushroom soup two cans plus one can filled with milk...add seasoning can be bland...also a rice meal???

    Chicken on crock with chicken broth onion,celery,carrots spices you like for a nice chicken soup..add beans

    Any beef?? I put a roast in crock with potatoes and carrots

    What about a fish chowder. Max hates haddock but loves my fish chowder.... I'll keep thinking

  2. :) lets me see if there's anything I can share. Will def get back to you on this one. It is a dilemma!!!! xoxo

  3. Mix up some meatballs (ya know- hamburg, bread crumbs, a couple of eggs, and as many spices as you can get away with), dump a jar of sauce over them, put on low- and have meatball sandwiches for supper. You and Ry can put cheese on them and Adam and Aje can eat them without. Oh yeah- throw an extra slice of bread or three on the plate for Adam!

  4. Oh! Put a few potatoes in your crockpot (just washed- not peeled or sliced or anything), turn it on low. For dinner you can have taco potatoes. Serve taco seasoned (or not)hamburg, lettuce, peas (for Adam) tomatoes, cheese, sour cream....whatever your family would eat on baked potatoes!

  5. How about a roast or chicken in the crock pot with potatoes and carrots. I use a package of Italian dressing, a package of brown gravy and a package of Ranch dressing mix with 2 cups of water. Yummy. Or you could use some chicken or beef broth. You could also do a chicken soup in the crock pot. What about a chicken pot pie? Try looking for a copy of Fix It and Forget It at your library. A lot of good recipes there.

  6. Thank you for all of these!!!!! I'm so needy ;)


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