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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Cousins, apples, and traditions

I am a tradition kind of a girl.
Like, I get all sentimental when I see my family together.
I'm not emotional and sappy or anything, but I do kind of love my family.
Then you throw a good old fashioned Frank Sinatra song on, and I am in heaven.

Tonight we had a Thanksgiving Eve service at my church.
It's a pretty amazing group of people. And sitting in the room hearing their stories was pretty moving.

But my favorite part (with Tracy's reference to me as her little-g a very close second!) was watching these four little boys walk up front.
Step up to the microphone.
And say what they were thankful for.

They are incredible kids. All of them.
I am so blessed and I know it.
They all said the sweetest things, and I know their lives...
They meant it.
Brianna, Cameron, Alissa, AJ, Caleb, Riley, Andrew, Leah, Lilla, Callen, Micah, Emmi, Maelyn.

Those names right there may not mean a whole lot to you, but to me?

They mean everything.

I am so proud of every single one of them, and they make me so happy.
And that is not even to mention Grace, Brayden, Hannah, Josiah, Carter, Caleb, Sawyer - Adam's side of the family.
See what I mean?
I am so blessed.

And tomorrow.
I will be hosting Thanksgiving at my very own house.
I feel, like..full.
Does that make sense?
I feel so satisfied and content with what God has blessed me with.

These are the cousins. They just earned their apples. And we are throwing down the traditions, baby!

Happy Thanksgiving Eve.

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  1. Anonymous12:01 AM

    reading your words brings love to my heart, I was invited by Deb but "LIFE" got in the way...sorry I missed a special service. May your Thanksgiving be full of LOVE LAUGHTER and SPECIAL MOMENTS! xoxo Dawnalee and Boys!


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