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Friday, November 01, 2013

It's Friday...you know what THAT means!

A video for three weeks in a row...say what?!?!
I make reference to this blog post in my video tonight, in case you want to hear the FULL story.
And I mention a couple of my new friends in it as well.
I could have absolutely mentioned so many more of my new and amazing friends....Rae Rae, Crystal, Brandy, Emily, Kristin, Joni, Jenn Jenn, Mollie, Danielle, Lori, Shara, Christen, Beth, Rachel, Alicia and Tiff...to name a few :)

God is a pretty amazing God.
He allows me to lose a few friends, and then blesses me with so so many more.
And I haven't even referenced my "old" friends!!
I am so blessed.


  1. That color is SOOOOO pretty on you!

  2. You are beautiful!!! And beautiful words and encouragement too.


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