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Thursday, November 14, 2013

My Library ~ Before and After: The Christmas Edition

I am really enjoying slowly getting rooms in our new house completed.
My Dining Room is complete, AJ's room is done, and my library is getting there.
Here are a few before and afters.
This is the Christmas edition of the library.
It's not too early for Christmas decor, right?

Here's how it was when we bought it.
Wow is really the only word that comes to mind.

Sometimes, I literally go downstairs just to look in the room, because I love it so much!
It has already been used as my studio, and I am looking forward to many more sessions in it!
There are some more things that I still need to have it completely finished...
Like, adding some more books to the bookshelf, getting a shag white carpet for in front of the couch, and a few other things. But I still love it!

Selfies always make me laugh, because I just envision the person actually taking the picture of themselves - and it totally cracks me up. 
And since I LOVE to make people laugh.  Ya know, It's one of my favorite things to do: I give you.
a selfie.


  1. Oh. My. Word. if this was on Pinterest,I would totally pin it on my Christmas board!! Your library looks AMAZING!!!!
    oh, and LOVE you selfies lol!

    1. Oh I will totally pin it baby :)

  2. Totally amazing just like the selfie! I love you.

  3. Oh my, my...my my. I'm freaking out like big time right now. Amazing is not even the word for this!! I love all your rooms in your house...but this one? And decked out!! So love this. Beautiful selfies too!!! Totally made me smile.

    1. Thank you...glad I could make you smile :) :) :)

  4. Jill Re10:40 PM

    What a beautiful room! :)


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