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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Because everyone needs a hug now and then.

I just decided.
I am going to be a hugger.
I mean...I don't think that I necessarily was not a hugger before,
(like some people I know *coughbobbicough*) but I just feel like it's a nice thing to do.

I feel like it says - I like you enough to get all up in your grill and show you I care!
I don't know if the cashier at walmart really felt that way yesterday...haha...totally joking.
I do draw the line.

But after our photoshoot with a girl I had literally just met for the first time, I hugged her goodbye.
I guess 30 minutes is the new 3 years.
bff's, baby.
And then my friend's girlfriend who I had only met once came with him to watch AJ's soccer game Sunday and I hugged her.
And today I hugged a couple of girls who I saw at the library who have been coming to The Porch for a while.

And it was then that I realized.
I have become a hugger.
Maybe I have become that kind of person who everyone is like...oh no, here she comes -
back away.
But it's ok.
I am just going to keep on going.

I think that physical touch is such a nice way to get past our very New Englandy, abrupt, non-personal, I-don't-have-time-for-you, shallow tendencies. Ya know what I mean?

So. Beware. If you see me coming, you just very well may be about ready to get a full on hug.
Not even a side hug, man.
I like to give full out hugs.
It's just how I roll.

Because everyone needs a hug now and then.

And also? I will always hug any person who brings me coffee of any kind.
Especially on porch days.
Just sayin.


  1. Lovvveddd this! Totally made my whole day. :)

  2. If I had known you had become a hugger, I would have given you a BIG hug today!! ;) and hope you know all the cowgirl jabs were in love...I think I was just jealous..;)


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