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Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Stop the madness!

I get tired sometimes.
I get tired of hearing people complain about "the church"
I get tired of hearing about people leaving "the church"
And I just plain get tired of it all.

If you are interested in what "the church" is actually all about, you can do a little research in the Bible in the book of Acts.
But I am asking you nicely...please do not look around you at churches you see, and try to decide what church is all about based on that alone!

There seems to be some confusion.
What I see happening, is people getting caught up in this confusion.

The main thing is this: people think that church is about them and their feelings.
And if they don't like how they're feeling, they will just go find another one!

News flash:
Church is not about you.
Sorry to burst your bubble.
It's not about how the music makes you feel, it's not about how many activities they can service you with, it's not about how many warm fuzzies you feel when you sit there.
It's about you serving. others.

Say what?!
You were given gifts by God. And these gifts were meant to be used.
How rude to think that we could take a gift, and then wait all week long to sit there in a church service...
that is just the right temperature. With only the most comfortable seats. With just the right volume of music, one that doesn't go any longer than 1.523 hours. And of course gives just the right message that pumps you up enough to help you stay strong, but doesn't give you too much conviction that will make you actually take serious stands that make you give up some serious stuff.

Stop the madness!

Last Sunday, I sat in a church service that normally gets over at 12:00.
It went until 12:40 and nobody even realized it.
It was the kind of preaching that was encouraging us to change some things.
To take serious stands...
Not just the easy stands.
I then watched people using their gifts to serve the people around them.
I watched them stop and pray with people, love people and make plans to serve people that day and the next.

I know that my church is not the norm.
The majority of churches do not have the same goals. Do not have the same alive-ness.
Do not have the same passion.

I feel like you have to be pretty serious about your faith if you want to come to my church.
It's not a feel good kind of church.
It's a what -do-I-have-to-give-up-to-make-sure-I-am-right-with-God kind of church.
And that is exactly what I want.
Exactly what I need.

I need to be using the gifts God has given me to serve others.
I need to be using the time God has given me to serve others.
I need to be using the craziness God has given me to share with others...you may have been on the receiving part of this gift of craziness before! ha!

So check yourself out.
How are you doing when it comes to your view of "the church"
Are you assuming people from the church are judging you, when in fact they are not at all?
Are you going to a church that makes you feel good so you don't have to change too much?
Are you going to a church just for the feelings alone?
Are you not going to church at all, but keep feeling this "pull" telling you to go?
Or are you exactly where you are supposed to be?
Going to a church that is convicting you, challenging you, and giving you a place to use those gifts God has given you?
Church is a family, and it is an amazing place to be.
And if you're looking for a place to go? Have I got a good one for you!!!

Stop the madness!
Start living your life for others...and that includes in your church.

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  1. Yes!! Stop the madness people!!! This is great.


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