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Monday, March 17, 2008

My Ry

So the other night, riley called me in (not an unusual event around here!) and i said, "ry...you're not supposed to call me once you are in bed" he said "but you said if it was an emergency i could!" i couldn't help but smile on that one!! he then showed me a very emergency-ish hangnail on his finger. i kissed it, and said "there's not anything i can do about that, baby" he said..."mom. i know the only thing you can do...PRAY!" ooohhhh. i felt a little guilty and a little proud and a lot challenged by the amount of child-like faith i was witnessing. how true it is - that is the only thing i could do, and the FIRST thing i should think of!! a good reminder right before bed. i think i should pray a lot right now.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

My little basketball superstar

So...my little boy had his last basketball game today. it was sooo cute!!! they had music playing and they introduced him with a spotlight and said "starting at guard, 4feet 6 inches tall, AJ-the-scoring machine-chaaaaase!!!!!!" it was a proud moment, i must admit. i was cheering very loudly!! he played a great game, even though they lost by 2 points! even more importantly, i am so proud of his very Godly example all season. several adults commented on what a great kid he is. God is so good to us!!

Friday, March 14, 2008


I am very sick of all this snow, but we did manage to make a few memories out of it all. The other day...after putting it off for DAYS...I finally took the boys outside. It was perfect snow for building a snowman, and we really did have a fun time. I love how well the boys get along, it really brings so much joy! We also went over to the Curriers, along with the Boulters, and the kids got to play outside again. AJ loved playing football! Here are some pictures.

Saturday, March 08, 2008


my 2 "little" boys didn't act so little today, when they zipped up the suitcase, put on their coats and ran down the steps to get into the currier van, ready for the big sleepover!! we were supposed to be taking the teens skiing, and would not be home until really late. my overly-ambitious (who i now owe, big time!)sister, offered to take the boys for the night! after the trip got cancelled, i could not dream of telling them they couldn't sleep over...after all, riley had asked "how many more days until saturday?" about a million times in the past week! they were so excited to go and me and adam got to have a little us time - which we rarely get these days! i am still finding it hard to believe that my babies are not babies anymore!!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

i love my family

well, today is just about over. it has been a good day and i am so glad that God has me where He does. to be honest, i did not feel that way at every moment during the day today, but right now, looking at my husband and hearing my little boys' deep breathing makes me feel content. i love this time of night when i can just reflect and be thankful for where God has me.
i have some reading to catch up on though. me and adam are reading through the New Testament in 30 days! quite a challenge and i am glad to be doing it! God is good.

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