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Monday, March 17, 2008

My Ry

So the other night, riley called me in (not an unusual event around here!) and i said, "ry...you're not supposed to call me once you are in bed" he said "but you said if it was an emergency i could!" i couldn't help but smile on that one!! he then showed me a very emergency-ish hangnail on his finger. i kissed it, and said "there's not anything i can do about that, baby" he said..."mom. i know the only thing you can do...PRAY!" ooohhhh. i felt a little guilty and a little proud and a lot challenged by the amount of child-like faith i was witnessing. how true it is - that is the only thing i could do, and the FIRST thing i should think of!! a good reminder right before bed. i think i should pray a lot right now.

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  1. My dad was at the ER one time and I was frantically driving there with my (then) 3 year old in the back seat. I couldn't find the hospital and I said out loud, "Oh Lord, Please help me find this place!" My sweet little girl said, "Don't worry Mommy. God will help us."

    Conviction! She was so sure. I understand compeletly.


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