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Thursday, November 07, 2013

Real life.

I know I blog deep, heavy stuff sometimes.
But then if you see me in real life you might just very well think I'm totally crazy and insane.
But most days, in real life...I am kind of normal.
I mean, I do crank up my pandora Frank Sinatra station and dance in the kitchen while I'm making dinner.
And I do say the sentence...please stop kicking that soccer ball right now, many, many times per day
And I am pretty sure we could pay off the house if we decided to sell all the legos that we own.

 But most days, I just "help" the boys with their school.
(this is AJ doing latin. My way of helping, is reading the answers in the answer manual to tell him if he got it right or wrong. #iwillneverunderstandlatin)

And this is Riley doing math. 5th grade math...which I understand. 
Most of the time. #iwillalsoneverunderstandmath #photographersdoesnotusemath #everythinghasacalculator

And in my life.
My real life.
We just act like real life people.
Some days getting up bright and early and starting my day off with my Bible reading and prayer time.
Some days accidentally turning off my alarm and over sleeping...which then makes my Bible reading and prayer time even more of a necessity!

And in my real life. I pretty much talk and act exactly like I type.
I say dude a lot.
(Listen...when I am not hanging out with my 2 boys and my husband, I am surrounded by middle school boys. So. It just happens.)
I laugh a lot.
I don't cry a lot.
I eat a lot.
And I love my life a lot.
I do love deep and challenging thinking.
But I also love the simple things.

This is me.
In real life.

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