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Friday, August 16, 2013

My Boys Soccer Bedroom ~ Before and After

AJ's bedroom was in pretty sad shape when we first saw it.
Ugly, stained carpet and dirty white walls were what we saw when we walked in.

But...he had in his mind what he wanted, and we made it happen.

He loves Real Madrid, and also loves the color green.
So we did a little combo of both.

Here are a few before and afters...

Aunt Sarah and Uncle Dan bought him his super cool Real Madrid Fathead.
AJ loves antiquing with us, and found this old adding machine that he had to have.
It looks so cool sitting on the antique desk!
He is my neat son...as opposed to what the before and afters of Ry's room will look like! ha!
He loves reading and is trying to collect every Hardy Boys Book.
We got this awesome ikea wardrobe from craigslist...his room doesn't have a closet so this was the perfect solution.
Finally! Another room complete! We are getting there!

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  1. I love his room!!!! So perfect:) I love the before and afters too.


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