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Thursday, August 08, 2013

When it's ok to torture your kids

When you want to have amazing pictures of them!

Haha..ok. Seriously.
My boys are the best sports.
They know that pictures are important to me, and they just let me do what I have in my head to do

I don't even have to bribe them...most of the time.

Sometimes it seems like I am taking the same poses of my kids, but the thing is -
they change so fast!

I love looking back and seeing the difference in them.
The lost teeth, the different expressions but the same sweet faces.

So I personally think it's ok to torture your kids - a little -
if it means you get pictures that make you giggle with excitement when you see them.

That's my excellent excellent parenting advice for the night.

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  1. Get out of here with these pictures!!! Love them!! And I love the colors in them too. Those boys are such good sports for sure:)


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