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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Everyone Needs to Get Away...and Eat Bacon

Every year we go away for the week to my favorite get away place.
Last year we had a lot more people with us, but this year is just my parents and the four of us.
Tomorrow Mel and Chad and the kids will come and stay for the rest of the week.

It is that one week in my life when I just eat whatever I want and do nothing.
I literally wake up. Get in my bathing suit. Read my Bible. Eat bacon. and go to the beach.

I mean, everyone needs time away.
Time away from life, and from reality.
I normally am very conscious about how I eat, and eat very healthy and low fat.
But this week?
It is cinnamon rolls, oreos, pop corn, ice cream, and anything else I can get my hands on.
And I don't even care.

Unfortunately, my back decided to go out on me on Friday morning.
I do not like to be a complainer, so I tried my very best to keep it a secret while I shot a wedding Saturday. It was literally like a knife was in my back the entire. day.
Somehow, and only because of all the people praying for me, I made it through the day!

It has still been bothering me a lot, and it kills me because I love playing beach volleyball and swimming with the boys.
AJ came up to me this morning and said
Mom...thanks for always being so fun and not letting your back problems stop you from doing things with us.

It made me so incredibly happy, because you never know as a mom if you are really doing a good job!
I mean...I really do try!
I try to laugh a lot.
I try to let things go.
I try to not take life too seriously, because you literally do not know when your last day will be.

And so this week, I am enjoying being away...in spite of my pain.
I enjoyed going to church in more casual clothing.
I enjoyed taking a nap Sunday afternoon.
And I kind of even enjoy the fact that I have no service at all on my phone!
I am enjoying the relaxing atmosphere of the place we are staying.
And I am eating a lot of bacon. and every other kind of junk food.

Ron and Bobbi and the girls came to visit yesterday, so here are a few pictures from when they were here.

And of course I have to make my boys smile for me whenever I have a camera in my hand.
Don't worry. They love it.

Happy vacation week to me!


  1. Loved the title of this:) and loved everything else about it. Except the fact that I'm not there yet!! But so thankful that we'll be there tomorrow....eating bacon and going to the beach. Love you!!

  2. looks like fun!
    Wish we could be there:(



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