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Friday, August 09, 2013

Texting and all those crazy things

So one time?
I was standing right next to this girl...like literally standing right next to her.
And she texted me.

Like a legit text.
Not to be funny, but with a serious question.

And I thought to myself...dude. I'm standing right here!

Isn't it weird how people can be so much more bold when they write something than when they actually speak it?

It's like type, type, type...send.
type, type, type...post.

It allows for the exact opposite of what we are actually commanded to live our lives like.

Take note of this: everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak, slow to become angry.
James 1:19

The RCV would add in...slow to text. slow to comment. slow to email.

It is pretty obvious that today, people rarely listen, are quick to speak and quick to become angry!
We see it every day, and unfortunately some days we are the ones guilty of it.

A lot of times, the things we are so quick to be bold about in writing, are not even things that matter in the grand scheme of life.
And the things that we should be quick to be bold about we tend to down play.

I want for my words to be bold.
I want for my boldness to not only come across on my blog, or in a text...
but in my words and in my life.

While I don't try to bring up controversial topics to get people going, I do hope that I can encourage you to look a little bit deeper at where your life is going.

I don't ever want to come across like I think I am better than anyone. 
It is not at all how I feel, but I do want to challenge you to make better choices.
I want to constantly be making better choices too!

The challenge I have for myself is to be more bold in the way I live my life.
To be more vocal about the important things...the eternal things.

To be less bold about the not so important things...the way to decorate, or the way to cook, or the way to run a business, or the way to homeschool, or the way to dress.

My bold words should speak more towards the way to treat your friends, the way to be a better mom, the way to be a better wife, the way to get closer to God.

Because those are the things that matter.

So maybe I should be more bold in my texting...like exhorting you to do the right things.
And maybe I should be more bold in my speaking...like sharing the fact that you can have an assurance of life after death.

And maybe I should be less bold in my smart aleck remarks about what someone is wearing, and how people are treating me!

So if you are feeling upset, and irritated...maybe put your phone down for a few minutes and collect your thoughts before you get all cray cray with your emoji and all that jazz.
Then you just have to apologize after for your mean comments and that's no fun.
Just stop yourself before you start.
Use your phone, your computer, your words to encourage and build people up.

Oh, and seriously. 
If you are standing right next to me? You can just talk to me. 
No really...no need to text. 

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