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Thursday, August 15, 2013

How to Turn an Obsession into a Sweet Family Tradition

It all started with a surprise trip for the boys back in 2009.
Patriots training camp...its pretty much like my favorite thing ever.
Not really, but pretty close.
If you know me at all, you know that I have been a huge football fan ever since I was born on Monday night football night. I mean. Come on now, I don't believe things happen by accident.

I know I've talked about this before, but for my new readers...

I grew up watching patriots football with my daddy back when Irving Fryar, John Stephens and the first love of my life...Tony Eason were playing.
No. really.
I was obsessed.
I wrote his name with hearts all over my paper, my shoes (I'm sure my mom was thrilled about that, and maybe that's when I started only getting to have hand me downs? Not sure.)
And every other thing in sight.

While other kids were day dreaming about trips to disney, or vacations with friends...
I was dreaming about someday having the chance to have a job.
Any kind of job that would allow me to be on the sidelines of the New England Patriots.
I would have been happy to be a trash collector on the sidelines.

Well. That never happened.
But here is how you get creative and learn:

How to turn an obsession into a sweet family tradition!

You work it so that your kids not only think your obsession is normal? 
But they think you are the coolest parent around! 
See that? Clever, right?
And who knows?
Maybe next year I will have a media pass and be right down on the field after all!
Then it will be a business expense and I can write of the mileage.
Am I a thinker or what!?!?
Don't ever tell me that I haven't taught you something on my blog!

(I am now trying to find a way to get my obsession with shoes to become a family tradition. 
I got nothing so far, but I'm still working on that.)

So every year since then we have made it a tradition to go to training camp.
Unfortunately for us, this year...every single person in the north east decided to go on the same day.
I have never seen so many people there!
While I could normally be right down by the field taking pictures, this year I was up on the hill.
And the kids normally get a bunch of signatures after, this time, they were lucky if they got one!
But it was ok. It was sunny and beautiful outside.
Last year we met the Curriers there, the year before that we took a couple of our friends and went, and this year? We filled up a 15 passenger van and went.

I didn't get as many pictures as normal, but we had an awesome time and I am already excited about going next year.

Next time, we will be planning to go a little earlier in the year!


Go New England!

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  1. This is awesome:) loved these pictures!!! I'll see what I can do about getting cal to be a pats fan...so one day he can go with the rest of his cousins:)


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