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Monday, August 26, 2013

James and Miranda ~ New Hampshire Wedding

Young love...
I have always had a good impression of it.
Of all the marriages I have ever seen, I would have to say the most godly example of what marriage should look like would be my parents.
They were both 18 when they got married.

Miranda was just 18 years old...fresh outta high school...ready to marry the man of her dreams.

To some people? They scoff and mock. Saying under their breath that it will never last.
What they do not take into consideration is the God-factor.
Marriage is hard work, not doubt about that.
But when you choose to love the way God loves, He holds things together in a way that no amount of counseling, therapy, or medication can!
This is not only what James and Miranda vowed to do, but they also come from a generation of parents who have chosen to do the same.

And then it was time for the daddy to see his little girl...

All her little details were adorable...right down to the little tree stump with their initials carved in it!

 Sweetest daddy-daughter dance...they danced to When We're Together.

It is incredibly encouraging to be able to take part in a wedding that is so Christ-centered.
Miranda's family has been close friends with Adam's family for years, so it was even a little more special to be a part of this day.

Congratulations James and Miranda...I pray that God blesses you in amazing ways as you start your life together!


  1. These are amazing!! Beautiful wedding and beautifully captured!

  2. Debbie Goudreau9:59 AM

    Beautiful couple, beautiful wedding! You really captured all the special moments amazingly!!

  3. Absolutely beautiful ! Love Aunty Brenda

  4. gloria armstrong8:59 PM

    Beautiful photos of an fantastic day!


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