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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The leftover bacon.

Wait, what?
Leftover bacon?
There is never any leftover bacon...obv.
You cook it.
and then you eat it.
And that is the end of the story.

That was our vacation. Remember how much we were enjoying the sweets and the bacon?
Believe you me. Never a crumb of leftover bacon.
Well, now I have to start enjoying the ice water and plain salad.

Anyways, I kind of hate even blogging this.
Because it means that my summer vacation at the place I adore is over.
And today I was served a big huge giant helping of reality.
It wasn't nearly as fun as the relaxing days on the beach..that's for sure!

But the beginning of fall is hard for me to not look forward to!

I love football, I love pumpkins, I love boots, I love apple crisp, I love cool evenings and the leaves falling.
I love everything about it.

So I am incredibly thankful for the amazing week of weather we had - 80's or 90's and sunny every single day. And I am so thankful for the family times, the times alone with God, the dreaming, planning, praying, relaxing, and just enjoying some peace.

Honestly, I was really not in the mood to take a lot of pictures.
I wanted to just enjoy my family and relax.
But I did manage to grab my camera every now and then!

We had the beach almost entirely to ourselves every morning!

 cousin lovin, and slushy time!

There was plenty of loving on sweet little Maelyn every day!
 My hubby still has got it goin onnnnn :)

 Get out of the city right now with the ridiculously adorable bathing suit!!

These pictures could never sum up the awesomeness of how I feel when I am here.
I know, awesomeness...great word choice.
I feel like pure awesomeness when I am at Alton Bay.


  1. Awesome... looks like so much fun! So, did you do a little photo-improving on her "favorite Aunt Shell" onesie? :) Oh, you are already starting the brainwashing! LOVE IT!!!

  2. Ahhhh take me back!!!!!! Such a fun time. Always hate when it ends. Love love love these pictures!!!!!!!


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