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Friday, June 21, 2013

welcome the newest member of the chase family: the sequel

remember the last time i had a story about it raining in the kitchen?
then remember when i posted the sequel?

so you're seeing now that when there is a sequel, it is not typically a good thing.

ok. so you remember meeting taco. the newest member of the chase family.

and you remember from that post that i said i am not a pet person? ya.

well last night we had stayed up late. watching the nba finals.
we went to bed after midnight.

at 3:00am i hear my door open.
it's aj.
he says...mom?
i groggily say...yes?

he says...taco is sitting on my bookcase.

say what?!?

i go in, and sure enough.
there she is. in all her glory. sitting on top of the bookcase.
i go in ry's room, grab a container and lure her into it.
(she now has a reputation for biting and i was in no mood for that.)
i spend the next ten minutes trying to figure out how in the ever-loving-world she got out!
couldn't figure it out.
i thought maybe she had popped open the top, so i locked it and went back to bed.

couldn't fall asleep. finally did at around 3:45.

an hour later (after dreaming of taco. no, i'm not joking)
i hear this little rustling noise that wakes me up.
i look down, and...tell me it's part of my dream...there is a little ball of fur and beady eyes looking up at me.

oh. no. you. didn't.

i get up and go in ry's room again to get the container again and when i come back?
ya. couldn't find her.

you've got to be kidding me right now.
i am literally crawling around on my floor with a flashlight whispering...taccccooooo.
which, i'm pretty sure she has no idea that is her name.

i see her at the foot of my bed.
i turn to grab the container. turn back.

i'm sputtering something having to do with...thisiswhyidon'twantpets...
and then i see her.
she's burrowing in some pile of something. at this point, i had no idea what was happening.
i get her into the container and go to put her back and try to figure out how to prevent this from happening again.

i realized that there was a hole on the top that had been covered with purple tape ever since we got her. apparently she had chewed her way out of it.

so then i did what any self-respecting american would do...went downstairs to get some duct tape.
yes. i know. my father-in-law would be proud.
i duct-taped the living day lights out of the cage.
told her she better watch her back. and i meant it.
then went back to bed.

now that i think of it...
that lady who gave us the little rodent did seem pretty anxious to get rid of her.
oh jeez.
how long do these things live again?


  1. Hahaha!!! I'm sorry, I'm laughing so much right now. So crazy!!!! That little taco!!! Loved reading this. She better stay in her cage tonight!!!! Love you so much:)

  2. Ohmyword! So funny!!!

  3. I literally was laughing out LOUD when I read this and then had to read it to Danny and the kids! It is well written and I can TOTALLY picture all of this happening as Adam slept! HA! Oh, Rachelle! The memories that you are creating! :) Love ya!


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