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Monday, June 10, 2013

the danger of teaching our kids too much independence

obviously we teach our kids to be independent.
we teach them how to talk...so they can tell people what they want.
we teach them how to walk...so they can learn to take care of themselves.
we give them an education so they can get a job and eventually support themselves.

but somewhere along the way, i think we can be so focused on teaching them independence, that we forget they need to live their entire lives in complete and total dependence...

dependence on God.

that can sound so incredibly cliche, but it is absolute truth.
my goal in raising my boys is to teach them that they need to go from dependence on their parents to dependence on their God.

it is not going from dependence on their parents to dependence on themselves!
too much dependence on yourself, your achievements, your abilities can so easily lead to


pride is the easiest sin to fall into, because it can so be easily disguised as other things.

if i want my kids to be prepared for life,
if i want them to have the best chance at accomplishing great things...

i will teach them complete and total dependence on God.
once they learn that, they will be ready to take on anything.

don't make the mistake of focusing so much on teaching your kids complete independence,
that you leave out the most important thing you can teach them.

"God opposes the proud but shows favor to the humble" James 4:6

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  1. So good and so true. ps I loved being in your Sunday school class. It was great. Loved everything you said and shared. You do such a great job!!!


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