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Thursday, June 06, 2013

a little creepy

sometimes i check good old google analytics to see what brings people to my blog.
while i would like to say some of the biggest google searches that bring people to my site are:

~super cool blogger
~best parenting advice
~how to keep looking awesome after having kids
~superstar mom
~amazing new england photographer
~incredible senior photographer
~how to be awesome.

the actual biggest google search that brings people to my page.

wait for it...

boys feet.

yep. you read that right.
boys feet.

say what?!?
i don't know. but if you google boys feet and then look under images?
a picture of my boys feet is like the 5th picture that comes up.

creepy, right?
i don't know what's up with that, but hey. whatever.

hopefully. when i become a famous blogger?
some other great and actually fun google search words will bring people to my blog.

but for now.
feet it is.

oh boy.

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