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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

are you pushing me or judging me

i loved the message i heard sunday about staying motivated.
i need motivation.
if there is a contest? i'm in.
if there is a challenge? i want it.

i want to be with people who push me.

when i started running with my dad, i remember him pushing me super hard.
i remember running hard, and lagging behind a little bit at the end.
when i did that, my dad would point to the ground right next to him.
his point was saying to me - you should be here. push a little harder.

it made me push harder.

when it has to do with exercise, people are constantly trying to push their friends, right?
i mean we think of it as inspiration if our friend were to say...
you ran 3 miles? i bet you could do 4!
oh you ran a half marathon? i bet you could run a full!
and we take what they say. and we let it motivate us.
we let it push us forward.

the same way with my eating! i know who my total real live friends are when i go to pick up a brownie, and they say...put that down.
it's not worth it. you don't really want it.
ahhh...i feel like - THANK YOU!! you just saved me all that extra fat on my hips! ha!

but interestingly enough. sometimes, when you try and motivate your friends spiritually?
it suddenly becomes judgment.
if i say to my friends...
you go to church on sunday mornings? you should try sunday night too!
oh you read your bible? you should try memorizing it!

we take what they say, and we let it make us critical!
we let it think they are being judgmental and holier than thou!

how does that happen?
what kind of friend are we looking for?
the ones that say... so i care about what you look like. but as far as how happy you are?
ya. not so much.

i want my friends to push me spiritually too!
i want them to stop me if i start complaining about someone from my church family.
i want them to stop me if i start doubting God's provision for me.

i want them to encourage me if i say i want to start a new ministry.
i want them to encourage me to not give up on my dreams.
i want them to encourage me to be consistent in my child discipline.

i also want them to want me to inspire and encourage them!

because that is an all around friend.

so the next time someone challenges you in your faith?
don't automatically assume they are being judgmental.

just take it, and let it push you and inspire you to move on.
to push harder. to work harder. to become stronger.
to become a better person.

and you have my permission to push me.
physically and spiritually.

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