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Friday, June 14, 2013

brownies, pens and planners...how are you setting yourself up?

i always have so much motivation...
for tomorrow.
ya know - i'm gonna get up early...tomorrow.
i'm gonna start eating right...tomorrow
i'm gonna be more organized with my business...tomorrow.

and then guess what happens?
i oversleep.
someone offers to take me out for ice cream (can't be rude, right??)
and then i feel like such a fat, lazy bum that i lay around all day and remain unorganized.

ok. maybe that's a little extreme, but you get the point.

i started thinking about how i am setting myself up for either failure or success.
and i realized that it can be small steps that get me there.

i need to see the things that are truly important to me, and set myself up to succeed in them.

i love when i get up early. have a cup of coffee and a good long time of prayer and Bible.
what if i set up the room the night before? got my favorite mug out. put my blanket on the couch and had my Bible, notebook and pen all ready to go.
instead of searching around for a clean mug and a pen!

i really feel good about myself when i eat healthy.
what if i had fruit already cut up in containers in the fridge? what if i decided to not buy the brownie mix?
instead of grabbing the brownies that are already right there!

i want to be organized with my businesses.
what if i set up my office area with planners, calendars, magazines...things that are going to make me want to sit down and plan?
instead of trying to find a planner, an updated calendar and some inspiration!

what happens when i set things up the night before?  i am setting myself up to succeed.
what happens when i just go to bed and see what happens the next day? i am setting myself up for failure.

small steps.

the reason i pick out my outfit for sundays on saturday night...is because i am setting myself up to have more time to get ready and get the boys ready in the morning.
(and i save myself from trying on 62 outfits when i am still groggy! ha!)

so what do you have to set up tonight?
get up right now and do it!
you'll be so happy you did!

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