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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

maybe a little bit too much information?

when i decided back on february 20th that i was going to blog every single day except for sundays (which i have now changed to saturdays and sundays) i really wasn't sure how i was going to do it.
i didn't necessarily have a game plan.
i just decided to set a goal and go for it.
i try to balance things out as far as alternating the super deep posts with some light hearted or photography related posts.
i have loved getting feedback from many of you through personal emails telling me that my posts mean something to you.
it makes me want to write again, and it keeps me going!

sometimes i'm not sure how much to really talk about. i wonder...am i sharing too much information with who-knows-who?
i mean...i have people who don't like me, and sometimes i wonder if they read my thoughts just to have one more thing to hold against me.
but i always try to be real, regardless.
i like to tell things how they are, and i like to find out how many of you are exactly like me because of the topics i write about.

so today i'm sharing a little bit about myself.
my favorite book when i was about 11 was a book called adopted.
i read it over and over.
it broke my little heart thinking about kids who needed a mom and dad.
it was not just a passing stage i went through.
when i was in college, i talked to God about this heart he gave me for orphans.
i was never sure exactly what He wanted me to do about it, but i knew it was something.
(i wrote about my thoughts on adoption becoming a fad, and how it was something i didn't want to fall into here.)

adam and i started thinking about this years ago. we started doing what was necessary to begin the process of becoming eligible to adopt of foster.
however, we were not living in a place that allowed for us to take kids in.
we didn't own our own place and we were sharing the place we did live.
now that we have our own home, we have started the process again.

i am so excited to think about what God might be preparing for us.
i don't know what it looks like, i don't know where the road will take us,
but i know that we are just doing what God is telling us to do...
i finished all the paperwork for me and the boys (adam is on his way to completing his) and we will see where this goes.

so maybe this is too much unnecessary information for some of you, but it's just where we're going in our lives right now, and i like to think that i have all of you joining me in this little old life of mine. i feel like i just have to share it with all of you! so - thanks for coming along!

and because i am such a dork and laugh over random things, i thought i would end with something that totally made me laugh out loud.
i don't know why...but

really?? haha...come on. you know it's funny!

thanks for reading.

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  1. Love this. Can't wait until you adopt. Praying and trusting with and for you guys ~ love that got your back pic;)


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