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Monday, June 17, 2013

i blame my dad for my sugar addiction

i opened my easter basket with sheer child-like excitement.
it was a huge basket.
and full of chocolate...every girls dream, right?
i mean. i was about 8 years old and in my little world, nothing could be better.

i opened the foil wrapped bunny and held it in my hand ready to savor every last bite of it.
until my daddy asked for a bite.
just one bite.
ugh...why did i have to be the first kid to open the chocolate?
but ok...just one bite.

and as he took the one bite...the entire hollow thing crumbled into pieces.
i. was. devastated. 
i mean, truly crushed.
i have the picture to prove it.

the reason i still like to tell this story to this day, is because in my world -
this was one of the worst things that ever happened to me between me and my dad.
and what i mean by that is...he was and still is...an amazing dad.
(and also, i blame him for my insane sugar addiction. haha!)

he's unique. 
unlike almost any other man i have ever known.
he is incredibly serious about his convictions and his faith, and he never cared if it made him popular or not. that was not the point.

he had his convictions. and he stuck to them...no matter who stood against him.

i remember his conviction about not letting his kids watch beer commercials. 
it was just his thing. he didn't want for us to ever start believing the lies that were being spread in those commercials - ya know...the only way to really have fun is to party and drink.
i also remember watching other christians mock him for this belief. 
i still don't understand the concept of mocking someone for having a conviction.
it's odd, because you don't normally see someone mocking another person for their lack of conviction. but anways...
the reason i love him for sticking to that seemingly small decision, is because it showed me that i don't have to follow what everyone else is doing and saying.
and most of the time? those people who are judging you don't even end up staying in your life for very long.
true that.

i remember how important his family always was. over everything.
being in full time ministry was not always easy...for any of us. (you can read about my view from the eyes of a pastor's kid here.) but he showed the importance of loving people while still taking time for his family.

i watch my dad go through his life and keep his relationship with God first.
i mean. first over everything.
and i realize that there are so very few men who truly live that out.
(i am beyond blessed because not only does my dad take this relationship seriously, so does my father-in-law and so does my husband!)

i just wanted to take the time on this father's day weekend and thank my dad for being the kind of father that God requires.

thank you dad, for all the times you made the hard discipline choices.
thank you for the way you worked 2 jobs just to give me and erika the opportunity to go to a christian school.
thank you for the way you love mom so much.
thank you for giving me my crazy love for football.
thank you for running hundreds of miles with me.
thank you for loving my boys.
thank you for passing down your insane love for sugar to me.
thank you for your always supporting me.
thank you for all the memories at alton bay.
thank you for staying true to your commitment to Jesus no matter who questioned you.

thank you for your belief in this verse in Psalms
Their children will be successful everywhere; an entire generation of godly people will be blessed.

i am so grateful for your godliness. it will have an effect for generations.
i love you so so much.
and i will always love eating ice cream with you.


  1. Great post! Perfectly written. I agree 100%:) we are so blessed!

  2. Anonymous8:51 PM

    I love you so much. Thanks for your kind and loving words. I am blessed to have a daughter like you! Let's celebrate with candy and ice cream. Dad


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