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Thursday, June 20, 2013

i'm not that kind of friend...

just to clarify the kind of friend i am...

if you stop by my house on your way by. i may not have make up on.
but i will invite you in for a cup of coffee regardless.

if you are going through a hard time with another person. i will not put down that other person to try and make you look better.
i will just pray for you. listen to you. and remind you of who God created you to be.

if you unfriend me on facebook, i will not go and talk to everyone about it.
but i will ask you why you did.

if you think i'm judging you...i'm probably not.

if you think i'm praying for you...i probably am.

i am not that kind of friend that looks for drama and holds grudges.
if i haven't texted you back it just means i am busy and have a bad memory...terrible combination!
if i don't answer the phone when you call...it's just because i hate talking on the phone. no offense.
if you want to bash your husband...i am not your go-to girl.
if you want a guilt-free friend to eat ice cream with? i am your go-to girl!

i just want to be that friend that makes you feel like i have all the time in the world for you, and i would drop anything to give you a hand.
i want to be that friend that builds you up, not tears you down.
i want to be that friend that encourages you to let go of things, not hold on and become bitter.
i want to be that friend that you can trust no matter what.

so if you're looking for that party girl who will have drinks with you and slam every other person who doesn't do exactly what you do? i'm not that kind of friend.

but if you're looking for a crazy, loud, sarcastic girl who will hang out with you and try to help you find peace and joy in your life?

i will always try to be that friend for you.  


  1. And you are! Thank you for everything!

  2. sherried10:00 PM

    I am SOOO thankful you are my friend!!! luv u!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful kind of friend.

  4. You are all of this and so much more. The best friend anyone could ask for. xoxo love you so much!


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