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Thursday, June 13, 2013

when it rains in the kitchen: the sequel

so remember just a week ago i posted about it raining in the kitchen?
we are now trying to see how many rooms we can get a similar blog post for.

today's is: when it rains in the breezeway.

we have been having a huge need for wisdom when it comes to our roofing situation.
we hired someone and have been having some...um...issues.
he took all the shingles off the breezeway and then shingled one side.
and then put a tarp over the other side.
apparently the tarp isn't quite cutting it, so the other night when i went into the breezeway...
lo and behold.
raining on the inside.
what do you know?

all over my SHOES...gasp!
it was pouring in our privy.
(yes, we have a privy. please try not to be jealous, and also don't hold your breath for a before and after of that room!)

the thing that freaked me out the most was the gorgeous piece of furniture that used to be adam's great grandmother's.
it had been in the breezeway just temporarily while we waited to finish the family room.
it was starting to get wet, and so i frantically told adam he had to get it to the family room right away! (he still thinks it was just my way of pushing him to move it..ha! but hey...now i have it in the family room. perfect.)

we did get another tarp put over the roof, but it is still not secure.
so...we are continuing to enjoy our indoor/outdoor breezeway.

the moral of the story?
i haven't quite figured one out yet.
just another reminder that this house is just that...a house.
it is a reminder that we are not storing up for ourselves treasures on earth...where moth and rust destroys and water comes in and floods (that last part was my very own version) matthew 6:19-20
we are trying to store up treasures in heaven.

hopefully this post is the last one of this series.


  1. while i am very sorry about your situation, i found that entire post very entertaining, and very well written. i definitely laughed out loud a couple of times. hope it gets resolved soon!!

  2. I was going to say the same thing as Bethany. You are such a great writer. Love reading every single one of your posts. So sad about all this:( very frustrating!! Praying about the roofing situation...

  3. Gods little way of providing water without you having to pay for it. :)


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