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Thursday, May 30, 2013

when it rains in the kitchen...

that's not a good thing, right? rain in the kitchen?
so one of the boys started taking a shower in the upstairs bathroom, and i walked down to the kitchen and realized it was raining...inside.
oh jeez.
i ran upstairs (which was quite a feat considering my back and all) and turned the shower off.
then we all went downstairs and got our galoshes on.
ok, not really.
but we just put bowls down to catch it all until it stopped.
i mean, what else could we do, right?

so today, was a good day to take a little break.
it was 90 degrees, and after getting some stuff done in the morning (which took much longer than expected) we finally left at about noon time.
we headed up to one of my favorite places in the world alton bay.
ya know, the place i have written about a million times.
here is a post from last summer.

anyways. it was so good for us to be able to just get away for a few hours to a place that fills us with memories and happy thoughts!!

the water was cold.
i mean...freezing cold. so the boys did not expect adam to join them.
they were so super excited when they saw him running in. and i was pretty impressed, myself.
so i went in. half way. to play how-many-hits-of-the-ball-can-we-get.
i love that game. ha. we got 40.
then i sat back on the beach.

this simple little swing set you see below...
no big deal, right?
but it's quite a swing set to me!
see...i remember sitting on this swing as a little girl and squealing with excitement as i yelled
"daddy, give me an underdog!" and he did.

and then i remember sitting on one swing while my boyfriend (adam) sat on the swing next to me
and i imagined myself being married to him some day.

and i also remember sitting on this same swing holding my 3 month old first born who had been up screaming all night and trying to get him to relax. i remember a sweet woman walking up to me and saying...it will get easier! it really will.
and i guess it did.
so when it started raining in the kitchen, we decided that we would enjoy a little family time.
away from everything.
and i'm so glad we did.

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  1. So not good about the raining in the kitchen:( but so glad you could escape to the bay. Love the pictures!


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