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Friday, May 31, 2013

settling in, one room at a time ~ before and after

ok. well.
it's not exactly a before before.
i tried so hard to remember to take pictures of all the rooms in our house as soon as we bought it.
however...i just spent the last HOUR looking in every stinking rotten folder on my computer, ipad and phone and could not find a before picture of our bedroom!

anyways. it's pretty overwhelming to think about moving in to the point where i feel like we have actually moved in.
we still have no carpet in the hallways...just plywood.
we still have very. um. rustic flooring in the kitchen. like, please don't take your shoes off! ha!
we still have a washer, but no dryer.
we have a currently non-working dishwasher.
aj's bedroom still doesn't have a door.
but. i am in no way trying to complain!
i am just trying to paint a picture for you of what we're dealing with.

here is the only before picture i have of our bedroom.
this was after it was painted. (it was white before) and it had hardwood floor that was painted.
i am a carpet-in-the-bedrooms kind of girl.

and here are the afters

our engagement photo. ya, i know. we're went profesh. i believe it was my brother with a disposable camera?
but i still love it.

above is a little trinket to remind us of our amazing missions trip to haiti
and below is a little trinket to remind us of our amazing missions trip to the dominican!

so at least one of the rooms in the house is complete!
only 9 more to go!

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  1. LOVE this!!!! Your room looks amazing!!! I cannot wait to see it, and the rest of the house, next weekend!!! Awesome job!!!!:)


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